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Stateside snuffing

Just returned from my first trip to the states in almost 2 years. It was part work and part visit with family, so it wasn't that bad.

Since I only picked up snuff since being overseas I had no experience finding it in the states- gladly I started in Virginia and was able to find several dry scotches at several grocery stores. I had to peek and poke to find it, but there it was. As I went into the Carolinas I was impressed by the number of gas stations that carried it as well as a few "outlets" along I-95 (to include the JR chain) that had it in bulk.

As I continued west through Texas and New Mexico it became more rare to see at any shops. I eventually ended up in California and almost gave up on finding any snuff until I wandered into a very nice cigar shop and found an entire shelf lined with various scents from Silver Dollar. A real win as I had exhausted my traveling supply of Hedges and McChrystals, as well as the few Gawith Apricot tap boxes I brought along.

Dutifully I stocked up on a few cans of American dry's and tucked them into my luggage for my trip back to Japan. I figure I will stash them away and visit with them from time to time.

Never got any "funny" looks taking a snuff while in the states nor on my flights there and back.


  • This is interesting, I was rather under the impression that snuff was almost impossible to find in the states, or is it more that places will not post it?
  • @Thunderbird - No, snuff is still alive and well in the southern states where it is used by the older generation as 'dip'; hence the sweet and fruit varieties, such as swisher wild cherry. I'm very into this style of snuff, but it has become more difficult to get to the UK due to the PACT legislation in the US. Mind you, old pal Dave @MrSnuff is still stocking some of these. Other than that, if you want some of these you need to have a chat with some of the good folk on the forum, who I'm sure will be pleased to trade you some :-) I'm not sure what the global snuff avaliability is like in the states; I wouldn't have though many retailers would stock it due to it being a somewhat niche market. I'd imagine specialist tobacconists would though? - I sure that someone could enlighten us on this.
  • I have access to about a dozen + varieties of American Scotches locally, albeit it took me some well invested time to scout out the few locations that carry it. I have yet to find anywhere local that carries any overseas varieties. One used to, but stopped carrying those a few years ago...grrr!
  • GrimGrim Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    I have access to a great deal of American scotches at two grocery stores near here and at the gas stations.

    Not a big fan of them but I picked up a few tins to hold on to and got a nice jar of Railroad Mills Maccoboy. It smells like fertilizer lol but it's in a neat jar.

    And yes, most people use it as dip here. Saw an elderly lady leaving the grocery store take out a small baby food spoon and dip it in the can of Bruton and pull her lip out and pour it in. I had of people doing is but had never seen anyone do this until a couple months back.
  • I've not actually tried actually dipping any of mine yet; but Helme's Wild Cherry and Carhart's Choice do tempt me slightly, as in the nose they have a compelling sweet scent. Chewing tobacco/dipping is probably more unusual historically than snuff in the UK. I smoke pipes also and have brought several different type of rope/twist tobacco over the years; miners in the UK traditional snuffed; or alternately chewed these ropes, as they weren't allowed to smoke in the mines. The ropes could be cut up into 'coins' and smoked (typically in clay cutty type pipes) in the evenings.

    Probably around a year or so ago a friend of mine brought round some maple rope for me, and a few nights after I though to myself "This smells so wickedly good I'm going to try it as a chew" - Blow me though! I thought that it was a stout smoke, as a chew it was extremely strong! :-O Hiccups and all sorts. It did taste good though, it's just the spitting thing that I couldn't get on with. I can see why in terms of smoking cessation chew/snus is so highly thought of.
  • In Virginia I found snuff at the service counters of most grocery stores. It was hit and miss at gas stations.

    Going south through the Carolinas I saw snuff at just about every gas station along I-95. Into Georgia and Florida it was less common at gas stations but I saw it at grocery stores here and there.
  • @misterpaul Not really a historical British thing, but I have seen evidence of people using nasal snuff orally.

    I went to school in Handsworth, Birmingham, which is a predominantly Pakistani and Indian area.

    I used to see the little blue plastic J&H wilsons tins on the ground, along with brown streaks of spit.

    My Pakistani friend saw me with a tin of J&H Wilson, and told me that the old guys used it as dip.

    Not a traditional British habit I admit, but there are many people in Britain who do it.
  • sprongdsprongd Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    Only one place in my corner of Pennsylvania carried snuff, and only one kind at that. It was swisher wild cherry sweet scotch. It did get me through although I didn't care for the grind or flavor. That same tobacco shop was more than willing to order more. She ordered and is now stocking 6 Silver Dollars. I stopped in yesterday to pick up a new tin of original. She said it was selling great even though I was the first person to ask for it.
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