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Painful throat drip?

I have found that, as my technique has improved, I am usually able to avoid getting snuff at the back of my throat.

When I used to snuff too hard, the back of my nasal cavity around the area of my soft palate used to get quite sore and inflamed.

Now, with better technique, I can keep the snuff at the front of my nose where it belongs.

Unfortunately though, I still get the same soreness and inflammation when the snuff works its way back further into my nose.
I get the same effect as when I used to snuff too hard, but now it happens a minute or two after I snuff.

I don't know why the snuff seems to creep backwards, but nothing I do seems to prevent it from happening.

If I blow my nose soon after snuffing, I can eliminate the problem, but then I don't get to enjoy the snuff or absorb as much nicotine as I'd like.

It doesn't happen too bad with all snuffs. I'm snuffing WoS French Carotte at the moment and it's fine.

Does anybody else get this?
Why is throat drip making my nose raw and inflamed? :(


  • i get it with heavier use of the abraxas darks, with all the dark SWS snuffs and with most oiled snuff like poschl. ill be honest, its not pretty, i dont know wether its the snuffs fault on its own, or the irritation triggering my reflux (throughout school merely eating or showering in a morning made me gag and throw up) but that drip often leads me to gag then retch or expel the day's food. to be honest its one of the main reasons im moving away from snuff- i often think 'i fancy a snuff' but then im turned off by the thought of what might follow. even if it doesnt go that far, it ruins what little singing ability i have for a couple of days. a bit annoying when i want to make some music.
  • That is definitely something I can relate to, as I also have GERD (acid reflux) but that's not what is happening to me.

    What I'm talking about is my nasal cavity. The snuff is fine in my nostrils, but once it works its way further up/back, I get a stinging and burning sensation similar to that from my pollen allergy.
    My soft palate (the rear of the roof of my mouth) gets inflamed, and takes about an hour to settle down.

    As you can imagine, this severely limits my snuff intake, and is proving to be a barrier to my goal of gradually switching from smoking to snuffing.

    Incidentally, Omeprazole (along with eliminating certain foods) has completely resolved my GERD.
    I used to get heartburn and reflux from swallowing snuff, but that no longer happens as long as I take my daily does of Omeprazole.
  • reminds me, ill have to talk to my doctor about the reflux again haha, been up in the air with doctors last few years though, so we have plenty to talk about :D

    its the inflammation i get i think that triggers my gagging, which then makes itself worse etc. doctor suspected hiatus hernia, which would explain a few things.

    this is one reason i had to really use snus to stop smoking, snuff is just too high risk for me in public or when i need to do something.
  • Firestarter. Have you eliminated allergies as a cause of the reflux? Took me 30 years to realise after a couple of morning coffees I became choked up. By the time I was brushing my teeth I was coughing myself sick. Only drink tea now, no more coughing, no more sick.

    I alse have eliminated wheat (this includes beer) from my diet which has helped hugely. I'm a cider man now! Try losing the coffee and wheat for one week, you might get a nice surprise. Let me know how you get on.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Wow, more reflux sufferers! Snuff didnt really do anything tovmy reflux at all, snus however, did. Figured an already irritated throat just got more irritated by snud juice.
    Trt eating vegs only for a couple of days. I did that and had no heartburn for some time.

  • number_sevennumber_seven Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    Firestarter. Took me 30 years to realise after a couple of morning coffees I became choked up. By the time I was brushing my teeth I was coughing myself sick. Only drink tea now, no more coughing, no more sick.
    A few years ago, after finishing a short hospital stay, I quit coffee for no other reason than I just quit coffee (it was barely even a conscious decision) and started drinking tea exclusively. I found that my acid stomach/reflux went away completely.

    When every so often I would have a coffee on an empty stomach in the morning, it would come back (though not nearly as bad). I now have it on a more regular basis, but I am sure to make sure I have stomach mints available somewhere for when I do.

    It's also instantaneous: If I drink coffee and start getting the acid stomach, the next day I'm fine if I don't have it.
  • The darker snuffs are the most painful in this respect for me, I love them but some of those finer black British snuffs make my throat feel really gross after a few pinches. The coarser ones don't do it but Santo Domingo and Princes and whatnot certainly can.
  • Me too. I have noticed that the darker the snuff, the worse the problem.
    I have been happily snuffing WoS French Carotte for days without an issue, and my home made snuff (also light in color) is fine too.
    Perhaps it is a reaction to dark-fired/fire cured tobacco?
  • GrimGrim Member
    Let me add that I too suffer from acid reflux and have a hiatal hernia. I also suffer from panic attacks because when my reflux gets bad I cannot breathe at all.

    I used Snus for the last 5-6 years and in that time all of my symptoms became worse. I was also recently diagnosed as pre-hypertensive.

    Thank god for snuff. I've been 3 days so far with no Snus. I've felt better, and I feel like my nicotine cravings have gotten less severe. I was using almost a can a day of Snus.

    I still want to enjoy tobacco but I figured I need to do so in a way that it's doesn't effect my health so badly. It's nice enjoying snuff because I feel that it is a nice treat for myself and not food for addiction.
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