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How Many Internet Snuff Shops Do You Know Of ?



  • FEI (For Everyone's Info) I contacted today about a tracking number and they replied with the number very fast but mentioned that they can no longer accept paypal due to paypal's tobacco restrictions. Just thought everyone may want to know this.
  • I am curious about that... I just went over to ebay and looked them up. If you search 'snus can', the snusory webstore appears. It looks as if its all running smoothly. I haven't ordered from them in about a month and a half. I hope they are wrong about the paypal because its so easy to order from them using it. I stumbled upon the store by accident, and ended up buying about $60 worth of various German snuffs. But, to get back to your concern, no, he does not provide tracking number unless you ask him for it.
  • Does anyone know if Indian snuffs can be purchased anywhere other than Mr Snuff? I have looked for Indian online grocery stores, but haven't found anything. There are so many different brands there I am surprised that the only readily available brands are Dh, 6P, 41P, looking to buy some Sun snuffs, but can't find them...
  • This gentleman could probably help you out. @indiansnuff
  • @vito445 we have already had a nice chat.

    Not officially open yet but when I am everyone here shall be the first to know
  • So is this indian snuff store open yet?
  • Cegar and snuff London. Some great exclusive snuffs including cafe royale and jocks choice. A very helpfull traditional small tobacconists. They will post around the world but you need to call to place an order currently. So not technically an online shop but worth a mention. The link is below. Snuff menu is near the centre of the page

    Website of Black Swan Specialist Tobacconist, they have a range of pipes, tobacco and snuffs. Ship to UK, Europe and Rest of the World (excluding USA) I think.
  • @koba22 the first place i got snuff to try! i cant think why i missed adding them here. great people working for the website and scarborough shop, even if the whitby staff are a bit miserable ;)
  • GunnarGunnar Member
    edited October 2014 PM has a decent selection, had an order come in a few days ago and they threw in some free tissues and a can of Oliver Twist snus .
  • Has anyone ordered WOS or Toque from The I have sent emails to them to find out what size tins they are selling but still receive no response.
  • Does ship to the US?
  • I don't know, I'd try to contact them. I don't really come on this website anymore, so if someone wants to make a new thread or comment on here in which they will keep and up to date list on that would be good for everyone. Later.
  • is my go too, but mr snuff is probably best in terms of bulk
  • I have found Mr. Snuff to be the best spot when it comes to diversity.
  • I've used  for some time now, when we lived in England and also now that we live in New Zealand.  They are fairly cheap to buy from, have a good selection to choose from, their international postage is what it is (I find it quite reasonable and still cheaper than buying it over here in NZ) and their customer service is superb.  Can't fault them.  Paypal converts from GB Pounds on their website to NZ Dollars for my bank account and that suits me just fine.

  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    This is a fairly old post so it might be appropriate to reiterate. We at Toque ship anywhere in the world there is a postal service. We ship by Royal Mail Airsure, which guarantees delivery. Any none european countries get our snuff even cheaper as the tax is removed from the sale.

    Hope that is clear to everyone.
  • @Roderick Would you consider packaging the Toque USA offerings in 25g tins?
  • Also for very highj quality handmade tobacco rolling pouches, perfect to set snuff in good conditions..

  • Aireys of Kendal are a tobacconists in the same town as the Gawith Hoggarth and Samuel Gawith snuff mills.
    I bought a fair bit of snuff in bulk via the internet with him when the recent panic buying set in.
    He places your order with the factory, and then strolls around to collect it.  Can't get any fresher than that.
    Very fast delivery as well.

    Just had a look at his website and it only has the option to telephone or email him at the moment. 
     I do not know if this is temporary, and he is revamping his site, or dropping the internet ordering side of the business.
    Bad news is,  he did not ship tobacco products to the USA at the time.

  • I visited Kendal a few years ago, and called in to Aireys. It's just like a newsagents inside, not the specialist tobacconists that I expected. Since production lines were heavily culled, I don't know how much focus will be on the tobacco side.

    I too went a bit crazy with the EU TPD panic, and bought a lot of bargains from various stores, including and black swan. I've hardly bought any recently due to the size of my stash, but if I was starting over, I would use Toque, Sharrow Mills, My Smoking Shop, and Black Swan as my main shops.
  • Less all the time. Some no longer ship for one reason or another, Plus credit card companies have a stick up their ass about tobacco purchases. It's the tobacco cartel strong hold in relation with crony capitalism for tax dollars . They want to kill us with their cancer sticks. The WHO is also to blame forcing false claims on snuff tobacco and other harm reduction products. 

    I don't subscribe to TV but I did watch one once; they had commercial advertising drugs and asked your Dr. if it's right for you, one of the side effect was death.   Right after that was a lawyer group soliciting users of a drug for law suits.

    Where is WHO? Who's on first? the answer is Rockefeller Medicine, Foundation and group. This is who is pulling the strings, The grand puppet masters! The powers that shouldn't be. And nothing anyone can do about it.     
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Any way to get Poschel or Sam Gawith directly from the mill ? 
  • RobeRobe Member
    edited September 2017 PM   is a great shoppe with good selection ...they sell on ebay too and have good prices
    I just got my case of packards club from them, they have MacCraig, and most of Poeschls line and kennsingtons

  • @yisraeldov    

      Do not waste your time emailing Sam Gawith or Gawith Hogarth for any information. 
      I tried about a year ago and had no replies.
      Somebody else on Snuffhouse has also commented on these firms ignoring their potential customers emails.

    They may as well put a banner headline on their web site saying,  
                    "We Want Your Money, But Do not Bother Us."

    Perhaps a letter with a reply paid envelope might get a response from the office staff there.

    I think they may have a note on their website listing retailers of their products.

  • I agree with ArtChoo, they have a "just shut up and buy it" approach. They just want to make it and ship it out to retailers, with absolute minimal "distraction" from actual users.

    The only response I have ever had from them, was when I asked them for details of local retailers. They wrote back with one, even though I discovered later that there were more. Every other question or comment I have submitted, went unanswered.

    The only customer contact they want, is bulk orders from retailers. Anything else is a distraction that they don't need.
  • I use the Wilsons of Sharrow online shop. I like ordering from the manufacturer, always seems to come fresh.

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