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Toque - Bespoke?

We've had a couple of customers ask us to make them a bespoke snuff. We have been able to oblige, but the minimum we can make is 500g's.

We can offer different grinds, blends, moisture and flavours within our current range. Is this something others might be interested in?


  • Where would baseline pricing be ? I have never ordered more than a 25 g tin so have no pint of reference.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    A thousand yeses!
  • Affirmative
  • Lune cat, Your just about spot on. My aim would be around £40 + postage but if it is a complicated snuff it may be a little more, say £45.
  • Very challenging from your company Roderick. The few snuffers in Holland will certainly be happy with this. What about the delivery times, will you be able to provide a custom made snuff within let us say a week?
  • If a few where interested in the same mix we could order as a group perhaps?
  • Ah yes good point Salmiak, it will again depend on the snuff to be made.

    Coarse snuffs take a lot longer to get the flavour right and if we use oil even longer. I imagine a lot of Bespoke snuffs would be toast or coarse as our own snuff covers the medium ground and all flavours are there already. A toast could be done in a week but a coarse with oil could take 3 weeks and still be developing when sent.
  • Derek, yes of course.
  • Spanish gem with some of the USA whiskey and honey kick would be lovely
  • That's a 50% Rustica blend and although easy to blend Rustica is pricy and would be around £50 for 500g's.
  • yes Rustica is expensive - many custom snuffers will want it in their blend since I think you're the only snuff manufacturer who works with it. But still, compared to smoking a pipe or cigar, snuffing rustica stays a cheaper way of enjoying from various viewpoints.

    In Amsterdam there is a cigar- and pipe shop (Hajenius) where you can shop for your own pipe tobacco blend, by sniffing at some jars you may choose which tobacco's you like. Then the salesmen "stores" your personal blend in his computer so next time you visit you can get the same again. And the concept is very succesful. And of course, it is more expensive as the pre-packed tobacco's but some people are willing to pay a difference.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    I want SP extra with the Berwick brown base tobacco. The easiest toque to take by far, with the best scent, it's like all my Christmases have come at once!
  • black pepper oil snuff medium grind how much and can I get a finders fee when you discover how spot on awesome it is?
  • also bay rum scent.
  • Personally, I've always thought that Toque Rose (a very fine snuff in its own right) would be perfect with an added scent of cardamom.
  • Spanish Gem with just the honey portion of W&H would be perfect.
  • For those who are wondering, bespoke is a special order or made per the customer's request.

    Yeah, I looked it up.
  • @Roderick‌ when you refer to using oil, do you mean essential oils for flavoring, or a schmalzer?
  • Schmalzer.
  • phew.... though you where going off the natural flavorings for a minute their @Roderick:) A Hallmark of Toque snuffs
  • Never! if I could go organic I would.
  • edited October 2014 PM
    @ Roderick Would it also be possible to buy some empty tins with the Toque label?
  • My bespoke order is being created ... A coarse ground, moist almond snuff! I can't wait. \:D/
  • @lunecat‌ My kind of rebel! Let me knowhhow it turns out!
  • Lunecat, just a thought. You could do this yourself with a 50g bag and a pestle and mortar. It would save you a fortune and if it wasn't to your taste you could try another one.
    Happy to do it but, didn't want to look like we were charging you a lot for what is a very simple thing to do. I always think of my customers as my friends and treat them the same.
  • I need to order a few cans to experiment with my mixing ration before biting off a half kilo order ... I love a challenge .
  • Pumpkin Spice would be awesome :)
  • My bespoke order is being created ... A coarse ground, moist almond snuff! I can't wait. \:D/
    Ooh - that sounds nice! I love the Almond Toast scent, but it goes too far up my nose far too easily. :))
  • @Roderick, how do you package the 500g? I've been thinking about this ever since you started this thread and what I would like involves one of your citrus scents, and lots of it. If it ships in a bag then from what I understand about the citrus flavourings degrading the bags I'll be out of luck. Would it be possible to ship in tins split into two or more parcels?
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