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Smoking inside

I love to smoke a pipe. Absolutely nothing like a quiet smoke at the end of a long day! Unfortunately I live in Wisconsin. In the best of seasons the weather can change on a daily basis. One night I can be out on my deck enjoying life, the next I am staring out the window thinking to myself "The garage isn't too bad, is it? Only a few combustibles in there and I can probably avoid those..." I would love to smoke in my house but I have a wife and kids. My wife is spectacular and has no problem with me smoking outside, but inside has a negative effect on her.

On to my question. Do any of you have the same circumstances and smoke inside? Any air purifiers that have worked for you?


  • No wife, no kids, and still don't smoke inside. If the weather doesn't allow for going outside for a smoke, it's snuff and vaping for me
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited July 2014 PM
    For air fresheners get yourself a Berger Lamp. Those things are amazing you can smoke a cigar in your house and all you can smell is the Berger Lamp. You can get them at smokingpipes.com and they are marketed at cigar and pipe smokers and they're also great for the kitchen.
  • I don't smoke in the house (living with parents) as well. I try to snuff as much as possible rather than smoke. My advice to you is this too. Snuff more, smoke less.

    The few times I smoke on a day (1 or 2 mainly after a meal) I smoke outside. Yes, the weather conditions in Holland can differ as well. I wouldn't install such a device in the room as mentioned above, because your fellow housemates still breathe in your smoke then, it only hides the smell.

    What I advice you to do is talk to your wife and kids if you can designate one room in the house (like your study or garage you mention) where smoking is "allowed". So they are prepared and you have your freedom!
  • MouseMouse Member
    My wife has chronic asthma and smoke really effects her badly, so it's outside only for me (except if we are having a hurricane or blizzard or if I'm feeling lazy, then I'll have a puff or two by the wood stove). I also don't like the smell of stale smoke.
  • IggletIgglet Member
    edited July 2014 PM
    Oh the stale smoke is horrible. When I moved out, I smelt my clothes and, it was like smelling a cigarette but, long after it has been out. It seems like cigarette butts can air out ever just age into something disgusting.
  • R25R25 Member
    I smoke inside sometimes though most of the time these days I head to the garden shed which I've made into my own little smoking den.
  • @R25 perhaps I'll re-arrange the garage. By the way, everyone, I appreciate the lack of "Forget her, it's just a wife!" responses. Shows maturity that isn't always found on discussion forums.
  • Oh the stale smoke is horrible. When I moved out, I smelt my clothes and, it was like smelling a cigarette but, long after it has been out. It seems like cigarette butts can air out ever just age into something disgusting.
    I used to do maintenance for some really horrible apartments and the walls of many of the apartments would be literally stained yellow like a cigarette filter, though the paint they started with was eggshell white.
  • Man Cave. Mine's the basement with separate HVAC system that came with the house. There are free standing air purifiers that work very well and don't cost a bloody fortune*. Not much you can do about smoke staining the walls other than put up nice wood paneling. I tore down my barn, restored the wood and used that for the walls and ceiling with a quarry tile floor.

    I can smoke a cigar down there and nobody upstairs can tell; even my asthmatic mother.

    *Got these at WalMart for $99-one for Mom's room when she visits & another for my Man Cave Office
  • This is why I switched to E liquid vaporizers. I can walk around my house puffing and it smells like vanilla, or fruits, or even tobacco flavored and the scent goes away in 60 seconds with no second hand smoke.

    Cigars are an outside, hopefully soon a hot tub occasion. Lol
  • I had met fellows that go to a pipe club. My local cigar shop has a lounge with large screen TV and it's byob.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • My mum used to smoke cigarettes (she gave up at 73 because she had a heart attack during an operation and ended up in a coma on life support for five weeks during which, of course, she couldn't smoke). She smoked indoors but whenever my dad had a 'special occasion' cigar, which was usually at Christmas, she used to make him smoke it in the garden because she didn't like the smell!

    (By the way, mum came out of the coma ok, and lived for another three years, which we all thought of as bonus time to enjoy having our mum around that we hadn't expected. My dad confided in me that he loved those last three years because she didn't smell of smoke anymore. Fifty years of marriage, and seeing each other before that and he never said a word about the smell of smoke to her. That's real love.)
  • Nope, I'm a dedicated bachelor. I smoke my pipes and cigars inside. Sherlock would've done the same. When I was married I was in the garage. No more!
  • I tend to smoke in our kitchen by the French doors. All of my smoking paraphernalia is in, or around, an antique smoking cabinet by the doors. My wife is a non-smoker so in consideration to her I usually have the doors open except in the depths of winter when it's too cold for that. To be fair I like to take a pipe sitting outside on the in the sunshine if the weather permits it. Although I used to smoke indoors as a younger man (everybody did so; the smoky atmosphere of the pubs and clubs of yesteryear, and my father smoked cigarettes at home when I was a child), I actually feel a bit 'odd' about doing it indoors now. I notice it on foreign holidays, particularly in Arabic countries where they smoke everywhere. It feels kind of awkward now being in a bar or sat after dinner smoking, like I'm breaking a taboo or something by not going outside to a terrace or similar.
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited August 2014 PM
    I remember yowling with protest when you weren't allowed to smoke anywhere indoors in cafes or pubs in Victoria, Australia, but I've come around to thinking it's a good idea. I'd really like it if those kind of places had outdoor sections where you could smoke comfortably, weather permitting.

    I've heard that they've banned smoking in prisons and psychiatric hospitals now, too. There was quite a bit of fuss about the latter, because a lot of patients reacted very badly, and some of the medical staff questioned whether it was a good idea. Another argument for snuff, I guess.

    A story about a guy being executed in Texas, asking for a last cigarette, which was denied to him on the grounds that it was a no-smoking facility. Makes sense, I suppose, if it's a rule, they aren't going to break it. But I thought a last cigarette before facing the firing squad was an old, historical tradition that might have been honoured. I guess not. I've heard that catering for special requests for the last meal is also a tradition that's going out of style.
  • Simply put, I don't agree with government smoking bans because what rules I set on my private property is none of anyone else's business. I believe the point is made in "still Searching for Pipe Dreams" by Rick Newcombe; The definition of public property has changed. Used to be the only public property was the town hall, now it is anywhere the public has access. This is sad and should change.
  • Definitely a smoking outside guy.... Year round which is tough in the winter here in Montana, USA, but it is definitely an experience.
  • Now when I don't smoke cigs any more I have to say: second hand cigarette smoke is horrible! Ruins my snuff experience. I was totally against the public indoor smoking bans they introduced years ago, but now I am totally for them. Only irritating for a occasional pipe smoker like me. I simply don't smoke pipe in winter as there are no places to do so comfortably.

    @ghsthntr, how often do you smoke? Daily or just occasionally? Just interested, I really have nothing to help you as I am kind of out of context (out of America). :)
  • "The world went to hell when they took the ashtrays out of doctor's offices."
    George Carlin (I think)
  • @skeg I smoke only occasionally, One pipe a day at most. I disagree with thesmoking bans more on principle than convenience.
  • 3_D3_D Member
    I used to smoke in doors and then I had kids no more smoking in the house or car. An occasional smoke in a bar, then we got thrown out of there. I used to travel to Virginia ( this was 6 yrs ago) and suddenly I could smoke in Restaurants and bars, I didn't care for it at all. I just wasn't comfortable smoking indoors anymore. I didn't like sitting in a cloud of smoke. I finally gave them up but I'll still go stand out there with friends, it's a great social atmosphere.
  • I would never smoke a pipe indoors. Pipe smoking is what gets me out on leisurely strolls. A stroll through the garage sounds fine and with a nice bench to sit on perhaps you could stay a while. It looks like you are getting good advice here at the snuffhouse.
  • I only smoke in my study with the windows wide open and a fan running to blow smoke out. When I watch TV with my wife or while I'm reading in bed, I use my electric "cigar". I use a Twisp with locally made juice. Works fine for me and my wife.
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