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Toque Quit - A new high nicotine snuff

RoderickRoderick Member
edited December 2008 in General
This is the last new snuff from Toque this year. It has been developed for those who prefer a higher nicotine snuff. This snuff could be particularly helpful for those who want to stop smoking using snuff.


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  • What kind of flavour and grind is this Roderick?
  • Sounds just like what i need - while snuff helps me cut down on cigarette intake i find it lacks that final kick to make me quit.
  • We can always use some more high nicotine options. I see I'm not alone here needing a little extra nicotine to rely solely on snuff. Another Rooster strength or better with some Toque flavor sounds great!
  • I have just ordered a tin and can't wait to test it!
  • Aside from having more nicotine, can you tell us more about it? What would you compare it to?
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    I don't want to influence any future reviews but the grind is fine and the flavour reminds me of a subtle Spanish Jewel without the honey. It's probably the purest snuff on the market, not only are the stalks removed but the midrib of the leaf and any little stalks are also removed. This creates a higher nicotine content and for me, who gave up smoking a long time ago, it gives quite an adrenaline rush.
    Can't wait to hear what you guys think.
  • Thank you! I'll be ordering some very soon.
  • snuffdogsnuffdog Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Alright, I caved, can't wait to try this one now. So this is basically another natural then?

    My wife thinks I've lost my mind, I have almost 100 different snuffs and can still easily think of 20 more I want to order off the top of my head. She may be right.
  • I will definitely be trying this. I haven't tried spanish jewel, so that comparison doesn't do anything for me (other than 'without the honey', as I am not partial to honey). At any rate, a high nicotine Toque sounds incredible!
  • I've ordered 2 25g tins of this as I have recently started smoking again. Can't wait to try it, hopefully it can keep me off the fags in the new year.

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  • ermtonyermtony Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Well, all I can say is "Wow!"

    The postie just delivered my order of Quit (and Champagne) and I have to say that the Quit is superb.

    First the Champagne. This is what I have just posted at Snuff Reviews:

    "I have to agree with Snuffster on this one - the taste is there and it does seem to fizz nicely in the nose! The underlying tobacco flavour comes through strongly as well and lingers longer than the champagne flavour, which is what one would expect from champagne I reckon. All in all another excellent offering from Toque!"

    And now for the Quit (which I can't review on the Snuff Reviews site yet....):

    Quit is mid to light brown in colour and relatively dry, though not overly so, making it easy to take. The grind is fine, similar to the Toque toasts, but there is enough moisture in there to avoid any "back of the throat" issues. The aroma is of good, solid tobacco with a pleasant smokiness coupled with light citrus notes. In the nose that smokiness is less pronounced and the full flavour of the excellent tobacco base comes through. I think this one is possibly best categorised as an SP, but what an SP! Now the nicotine.... Oh yes! This is a powerful one! The equal of any toast or scotch I have tried and yet I find myself coming back for more and more. This is a 5-star snuff which I hope never to be without! Hats off to Roderick again! (edited after much testing!)
  • Here here Tony! I received my two tins of Quit this morning and have to say it is superb. Tobaccoey goodness and great nicotine hit too. This will get me off the fags in no time!

  • That's what I'm hoping too. While my snuff taking predominates, I really need to drop that last handful (as in about 5) of roll ups I still smoke every day....
  • I think I need to order this one - sounds my thing entirely.
  • Thank goodness for I went to Toque earlier, and did not notice Quit. Then saw some posts here, mentioning it. Got my order in, can't wait to try it. My first tobacco purchase of the year. Thanks Roderick, you make the best snuffs!
  • I received the following TOQUE snuffs which is new to me: Bourbon, Champagne, Raspberry Menthol, Quit and Blueberry. I have the whole weekend to try them. I started off with Bourbon and I WILL SPEND THE REST OF THE NIGHT with it. Shit, why did I order 10 grams only?!!!
    Roderick, how do you manage this? Everytime I get a new Toque I have to say, THIS is the best so far!!! Can't keep my fingers away from it.
    I also tried some Raspberry Menthol when I open the parcel and THIS is going to be my menthol in future.

    Another thing, Roderick's tins are the best thing that happened to me in many years. No spillage, seals perfect, right size...PERFECT.
    Can't we buy some empty ones from you to replace the shitty little things from WoS and McChrystals? I'm prepared to pay a good price for them. With your logo on them, of course.
  • I didn't order this one straight away and the name certainly does not do this snuff justice it is truly sublime. We all know Toque snuff is very good but IMHO Toque Quit and Bourbon are proof that Toque has evolved to a whole new level. The future for snuff is looking very rosy indeed.
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  • sprangalangsprangalang Member
    edited January 2009 PM
    I like the Quit snuff too. It kinda reminds me of S'Nuff, but it seems more complex, and by golly I like the 25g format! Roderick rocks!

    Here's where I get my tins for home-blending and such:
    They are steel, and quite durable. Cheap too. The only thing that would make them better, IMO, would be a sealing gasket.
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  • I hate those little tins from WoS and McChrystals. I must still find one without rust, the lids do not fit tightly and the glue from the sealing tape.....what a mess. I've chucked away 4 of them today after I've transfered the snuff to Taxi containers. I like them Taxi boxes. But the Roderick tins are super. Wish I could get some empty ones.
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  • lxsklir, now we're on par, I agree. The Taxi boxes do not look so swanky but they seal perfectly, last for ages, they are quite deep, so no spillage and it is VERY cheap in SA. I sometimes discard the snuff just to have the boxes. Eventually I will only have Roderick and Taxi containers along with my one Patrick box.
  • This is a rather interesting thread, as I've just been looking at an up market alloy tin with an ornate toque logo embossed into the lid. What size do you think would be best 25g or 10g?
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  • That would be quite an amazing thing to have a nice tin with the Toque logo embossed on it. I would say 10g for me as well.
  • I would be up for buying 10g tins as i am struggling to find some at the moment i was thinking about ordering some smash boxes from Tom but $7.95 per item shipping to the UK rules that one out.
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