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Hawaii and other tropical people

HaoleHaole Member
edited February 2016 in General
I know I am sorta beating a dead horse here, but really want to know what you all are doing for storage. I have an order coming from old mill and really want to keep it fresh.



  • I don't buy artisan snuff due to cost, and more importantly, the fact that I don't want anything with special storage requirements. All my snuffs (about 6kg last I added it up) are stored at toom temp in airtight glass jars in a dark curio cabinet.
  • I don't live anywhere tropical, but I keep mine in a tupperware storage container in the fridge - just in case.  Six months later, they're all still in good shape.  
  • If you really want to go over the top keep it in glass with a good seal in bulk in the frig. Decant a monthly supply into glass left out. Decant a daily supply from that, all using sterile process.

    I don't bother personally, but that should ensure little change in the product.
  • In just about any climate, the artisan snuffs stay fresher when kept cool in the dark. I move all of my snuffs into amber glass jars, and put the moist ones in the fridge, while the others are kept in drawers in the coolest room in the house. The only artisan snuffs I've ever actually had mold problems from are the Sir Walter Scotts, but any of them are at risk.

  • Thanks guys, I think glass in the fridge is the way I will go.
  • @Haole,
    hey man, I do the same as @cpmcdill. No issues and snuffs stay how they should...
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I'm from&living in Hawaii(Oahu) and I've been buying mostly all artisan snuffs like from Old Mill(Chef Daniel),SWS,Abraxas,etc.. I had one problem which was I had some Abraxas connoisseur in a small container and I kept the rest in the refrigerator.Since sometimes it's real humid and I forgot about the snuff it was all white with mold.thank god it was only little.
    So it depends on the type of snuff and how moist it is with the humidity.I keep all the artisan snuffs that I don't use in the refrigerator.I also have some that I use in tap boxes etc...I never had that problem again.Thank God.
    I also noticed that snuff that is toasted doesn't mold fast.I guess because it's really dry.but be careful with damp/wet snuffs if you're in high humidity.
    I hope this helps :-c
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Speaking of Hawaii ...

    I saw a guy pinching and snuffing at a bus stop on Maui. I think he saw me enjoying some Ozona president across the street. Then I saw him wiping what I imagine was snuff off his pants :D you on here mysterious Hawaiian snuffer?
  • bobbob Member
    A mold note. Throw it out. If the outer part has visible mold the inner part is probably still infected and might not be a big issue but you are putting snuff into your respiratory system and mold that's in the process of blooming and which has found a wonderful growth medium. Strangely as far as molding with fancy snuffs. I might just find out what is added to more commercial snuffs to inhibit the mold, cause even with really moist snuffs it's never been an issue (and has been with small batch snuffs).
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