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Top 3 Favorite Snuff Brands & top 10 snuffs

AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
edited December 2015 in General
1. What are your top 3 Favorite Snuff Brands?
2. What are your top 10 Snuffs?

My favorite Brands are:

Old Mill
Samuel Gawith

My favorite Snuffs:
Old Mill Olde English Toast
Old Mill Javelin
Old Mill Antebellum
Old Mill Butternut Toast
WoS Winter Warmer
Bernard Zwiefacher
Bernard Aecht Albayerischer
SG Firedance
SG Elmo's Reserve
Bernard Brasil Doppel


  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited December 2015 PM
    I like other brands for menthol, but these have been my favorite brands for the most part
    Samuel Gawith
    Old Mill
    Sir Walter Scott
    These are 10 of my favorites... now... I have Old Mill and Mr. Snuff orders en route, so this list will likely be different soon.
    Old Mill Olde English Toast - musty, leathery tobacco goodness.
    Old Mill Butternut Toast - sweet butterscotch goodness.
    Sir Walter Scott Aged Border Rapee - dank snuff, but in a good way.
    41 Photo White Elephant - I don't know why, I just like it.
    6 Photo Kailash - reminds me of incense and good memories, with a dash of cool menthol.
    A+S Schweizer Menthol - strong menthol, smells therapeutic.
    SG Cherry - my first snuff. I love the grind/moisture/color/smell.  This one will always make my favorites list.
    SG Irish D Light - sweet, dry, yet smooth toasted delight.  
    Toque USA Lime - lime candy in the nose. For that reason, probably another permanent favorite.  
    WoS IHT 22 - I swear it's just a little silkier than F&T HDT.  Ideal toast to my nose.
    *Tons of other snuffs make me happy
  • Wilsons of Sharrow - Consistently the best grind and moisture
    Toque - the same and the scents are nicely natural. I just haven't tested but a few of their range
    Bernard - best schmalzler, although I like P
  • I'd tell you but then I would have to #=** you. :(|)
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Too hard to choose. Maybe I could narrow it down by continent? Asia, Europe, North America, dunno which would get first place though on a list.
  • Sir Walter Scott, Old Mill, Toque.
  • Fribourg and Treyer, Old Mill, Toque. Honorable mention to Wilson's of Sharrow
  • For all days it would be SG (including Viking and Snuff Store), Toque, and WoS. No top ten as of yet but several I would hate to be without:
    Toque USA Whiskey and Honey, Viking Dark, Thor's Hammer, SS Cafe Noir, G&H Kendal Brown, F&T HDT, WoS Queen's Extra Strong, WE, and Abraxas St. Casura.
  • Haven't tried Abraxas yet but I will soon hopefully!
  • edited December 2015 PM
    SG (including viking), McChrystal's, Wilson's of Sharrow.

    SG: Viking Dark, Elmo's Reserve, Kendal Brown Original and Plain,

    McC's: O&G, Hops

    WoS: CoC, Gold Label, Tom Buck/Queens.

    By weight I use mostly viking dark and O&G. I am a creature of habit and not much prone to adventure or experimentation.

    Edited spelling.
  • I'm going to cheat and answer "mills" rather than "brands". Here are my highlights from my favourite three mills.

    Berwick Brown **
    Plain Coarse

    Sharrow Mills:
    Best Dark **
    Thyme and Lemon **
    Old Paris
    Santa Domingo **
    Princes **
    Princes Special
    Chocolate Orange
    Rum and Blackberry
    Jocks Choice
    Emerald Mocha
    Mature Crumbled
    Crumbs of Comfort

    Ambassador **
    Viking Dark **
    Toffee **
    Kendal Brown/s **
    Dry Orange
    Thors Hammer
    Elmos Reserve
    Black Coffee
    Sea Breezes
    Wild Mint
    Jaxons SP Premium **
    Jaxons 1869

    The ones highlighted with ** constitute my current top 10, but they're not set in stone
  • Favorite snuff brands :
    Old mill

    Top ten:
    Old mill Equinox
    Old mill Ivory toast
    Old mill Arabesque
    Poschl Cherry Menthol
    Poschl Gawith Apricot
    S.G. Celtic Talisman
    S.G. Elmo's Reserve
    Kralinger molens St. Omer nr.1
    Kralinger molens Prins Regent
    Bernards Magic Moment Black
  • RailroadMillsRailroadMills Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    1. Swisher
    2. American Snuff Company
    3. Toque

    1. Honey Bee
    2. Superior
    3. Tube Rose
    4. Toque Quit
    5. W. E. Garrett Plain
    6. Toque Coke
    7. Toque Rustica
    8. Quit With Snuff Sandalwood
    9. Silver Dollar Vanilla
    10. 41 Photo White Elephant
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    MY favorite 10 snuffs are kind of in order

    gawith hoggarth sp
    kendal brown

    i could live the rest of my life with the 4 above..but i dont have to so my next 6 so far are.

    best dark
    taxi red
    f&T princes
    tom buck
    white elephant
    black rapee

  • beantinbeantin Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Top brand's


    Top snuffs

    Grand Cairo
    Tom Buck
    Gold Label
    Irish 22
    Dr JR Justice
    O & G
    Mcchrystal's SP
    Celtic Talisman
    Alter Fritz
    Whiskey and Honey USA

    Close contenders that are used often

    Mild Lemon
    Gletscher prise gold
    Sans Souci
    Jaxon Club Special
  • Top 3 brands


    Top 10 snuffs
    In no particular order

    SP Extra
    Grand Cairo
    French Carrotte
    Toque Violet
    Rows of Sharrow
    Royal George
    Super M
    Santo Domingo
    Old Paris

  • top brands:

    Sir Walter Scott

    top snuffs:

    Molens de Kralingse: St.Omer 1
    Samuel Gawith:Kendal Brown Original
    Bernard:Gekachelter Virginie
    Wilsons of Sharrow:Irish High Toast 22
    Snuffstore:Cafe Noir
    6 Photo:M.G Madras
    N.T.S.U. black
    Fribourg and Treyer:Bordeaux
    Wilsons of Sharrow:Best Dark
    6 Photo:Special
  • :-bd
  • SnuffMonkeySnuffMonkey Member
    edited August 2019 PM

    Tom Buck
    Best Dark
    Crumbs of Comfort
    Santo Domingo
    Spanish Gem
    SP Extra
    Christmas Pudding
    O&G even though I get bad menthol rebound
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