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Snuffmaster Delivery Time to US

For those who have ordered one, about how long does it take to arrive? I live in the Pacific Northwest, specifically.


  • Never mind, it just showed up! Shipped out on Tuesday last week, made it here on Monday -- 6 days, not bad.
  • TobeTobe Member
    Is it worth buying? I watched the video, but I can't see where it's better than a boxcar.
  • @Tobe I prefer the classier pinch. B-)
  • Well, I'm not entirely sure what I think of it yet. I mainly am using Old Mill snuffs, which are at a bit of a higher moisture level than other snuffs... And the Snuffmaster does not like moist snuffs. Clumpier snuffs tend to get stuck in the dosing chambers, so you press the button and nothing comes out. Granted, sometimes it does work, and when it does, its awesome -- just pull it out of your pocket, shake it a few times, press button, sniff, pocket, brush nose off with a handkerchief -- job done. Takes 5 seconds, it's clean, and simple. That is when it DOES work, which, at least with old mill snuffs, is not all that often.

    tl;dr -- Love the design, love the function when it does function, but it really does not like moist snuffs.
  • The idea looks like a potential saviour for outdoor usage on windy days, when opening a tap box might just mean the wind emptying your snuffbox. Aside from that, I don't see the benefit of it.
  • I've tried it and decided it doesn't suit me because of what aurora135 was saying, I enjoy moist snuffs, they don't like snuff master, so I've listed mine in bazaar for trade. Very good idea, very well built, just not for me
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