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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

American Scotch equivalents

I wanted to do this thread, since many of us don't have local availability to try a can at a time we need to buy the box when we can find it. The American scotches are renamed based on region so if you are ordering a selection of boxes it's helpful to make sure you aren't doubling up when you think you are ordering different items.
I'll go first
Railroad Mills plain=Navy
Railroad Mills sweet=Honey Bee (I'm not 100%on this one, they are so close as to be almost the same, slight differences might be accounted to different batches though)

I wish I lived right near a store that carried American snuff :( some of the best snuffs and easily the best bargain.


  • TobeTobe Member
    Can I ask from whence this information comes? Not disagreeing, I just never heard this before.
  • I'd read that American manufactures had renamed recipes to appeal to regional markets.

    Update, I'm dead wrong on the honeybee, with a fresh nose it's different from RR sweet, by a big margin, but if you spend a day with RR sweet then try honeybee it is pretty similar, but reverse not true.

    I have some red seal incoming, can't wait to try another American Scotch.
  • TobeTobe Member
    If Railroad Mills Plain and Navy are the same thing, I'm going to be a bit... annoyed. Nothing enjoyable at all about paying premium prices to add a snuff to your collection that you already had under another name.
  • That's actually an interesting example, I'd be curious of your thoughts on it after sampling both.

    Analysis of moisture, nicotine, pH, basically every category observed is identical between RR and Navy. Being from the same manufacturer and having an identical chemical makeup would make it hard to at least not be very very similar.
  • Oh and that's specifically why I started this thread, paying premium prices for different products that are the same would be annoying, if you are spending $100 at smokes and spirits and got 2 that were the same you'd be annoyed and rightfully so
    So I was hoping people that had tried 2 that were in fact the same or even really similar would mention it.
  • I mean they'd both be an American Scotch snuff, so by definition they'd both be AWESOME but you guys know what I mean.
  • TobeTobe Member
    @snuffsahoy If I had both on hand right now I'd comment, but until then I'll just hope you're wrong!
  • TobeTobe Member
    I already shared that Buttercup was, to my nose, a slightly less sweet Honeybee with the addition of a mild smoky scent. How disappointing to find out that Dental Sweet is a slightly less sweet Buttercup with more of that smoky scent. Oh, and Peach Sweet appears to be EXACTLY the same as Honeybee. At least, that is, to MY nose. YMMV.

    To paraphrase a wise member of this forum, a sweet is a sweet and a scotch is a scotch. I haven't gone through them all just yet, but I think that may very well be true.
  • @tobe It's possible the tobacco flour is pretty consistent across the board, so differences might be how much fire cured is used, how much sweet and if they used a specific aroma, as in the case of tube rose etc.

    Oh well I certainly am enjoying my tour of American snuffs:)

    I thought I had a favorite, then I tried another lol
  • @Tobe While I agree that a sweet is a sweet, plain scotches tend to differ wildly in the amount of smoke they bring to the party.
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    @Zanaspus I've only tried Bruton thus far, so I
    really need to try the others and see about this smoke you mention. Sounds like a good time. I'm going to set tomorrow aside for all my scotches, and also finally try the vintage Honest and Square I've got. Here's hoping it's a better experience than the sweets have been.

    @snuffsahoy You're probably right but with such minor differences, at least with respect to sweets, you really needn't worry about trying then all. Seems any one will do, as all the ones I've tried so far are very similar to one another. Which reminds me that I still haven't tried Navy or WE Garrett's.
  • In my limited experience, scotches are different, as are the sweets. I'll broaden my experience soon by trying the ones I have side by side to note differences. I did that with Bruton and Garrett when I first got them. They are different. I did the same with Red Seal and WEG Sweet. I've only had a few sweets since, though I could pick out RS in a blind tasting.

    There were a lot of snuffs made by Helme, for example. It is not inconceivable that one snuff got several labels for marketing in different areas of the country. A single mill may have had more than one brand in each market like cigarette makers do now. The biggest difference among them might have been the label.
  • They're all pretty similar in grind, texture, with varying degrees of sweetness. When I use this type of snuff, they all seem more or less the same. Carhartts and Red Seal seem like the same snuff to me. I guess Garrett Sweet is a little smokier than the others, but I use them all interchanging with each other..hmmm?

  • There all very different .
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