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"The look" aka, how to educate people



  • @Snifs cracked me up, best advise thus far!
  • @Snifs: The best way to settle the matter :)).
    @Dctjr80: You have a good point here. 

    Relax, nothing is under control.
  • I've tried to explain to my brother my new love of tobacco and he's slowly starting to understand, even did a snuff with me last week. Moved into new place today, got internet finally. Gonna place a fresh order of snuff I think to commemorate. It's all about educating and you can't educate people about snuff with no snuff, hahaha
  • @BenStein - just make sure the USPS has your new address figured out before you order.  I had a snuff order come in the day after I moved into my new apartment, apparently too soon for the USPS.  It got sent back to Mr. Snuff.  After 20 days it still hasn't made it back to the UK.
  • If you let them push you into the bathroom to take snuff then you're pretty much done.

    Keep it in the factory container, put it on the table next to your coffee, and if staff or anybody else is dumb enough to assult you call the cops and have them arrested. And then sue them in civil court for violating your civil rights.

    Enough is enough already.
  • coreymilliacoreymillia Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    I am gonna just say you need to change your technique. Bottom line. I can snuff so fast, whilst walking, in the grocery store or where ever. It looks nothing more than like im wiping off my nose. Or I imagine they assume I am clearing a pesky booger. Either way no one will ever say anything about you picking your nose, they just pass you off as some sick person and try to avoid contact. Then again. It could just be me. 

    Just tell them the honest truth next time. People use drugs in the bathroom, every day at many of your favorite establishments. There is no reason for you to blatantly sit out in the open like a damn fool if you were using drugs. Then ask to use the restroom.
  • I get that some people --most people- have no idea what snuff is or how it is taken.  If someone made a similar comment to me I would tell them it's tobacco and to mind their own business.  If that wasn't sufficient, a 'fuck off' might follow.  Its only worth so much time to explain snuff to somebody who is being an asshole.  
  • To date other than a few "odd" looks now and then I have yet to experience anything more. Even crossing numerous borders and the much maligned TSA I have not had issue. I will relish in my luck while remaining ready to explain that I am taking tobacco and not something nefarious.
  • It's all about swagger. If you do it like it's normal and nothing to hide people assume you have nothing to hide. Not that I learned that you can do most things crimes included if you act like it's cool during my juvinillely mischivious period (it's too early to spell check sorry)
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited September 2015 PM
    It depends whether people are rude or not when they say something to you. Ignorance is totally excusable (and can be amended), but there is never an excuse for bad manners (which very often cannot)!
  • Good topic and some very good advice in these comments.

    My own take on this is that being polite is very important but I also support being aggressive to those who insist on calling police or otherwise being rude or threatening you. People have a right to their ignorance and they have a right to be offended but they do not have a right to invade your personal space or use government force to punish you when you've done nothing wrong.

    I like the idea that we are essentially ambassadors of snuff taking and as such, we should be polite and offer snuff where appropriate, educate others where appropriate but when people are involving cops or accusing you of crimes it may be time to dig your heels in, fight back and assert your rights as firmly as possible! - "walk softly but carry a big stick"

    Having said all of that, I don't take snuff in public. I've taken it in my car and in bathroom stalls but that's as close as I've come. Tobacco is about relaxing to me (even for just a moment) and worrying about other people calling the cops and creating a scene while accusing me of crimes is not conducive to relaxation in my book!
  • markstinsonmarkstinson Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    I started a new job the other day, and so I took a heads-on approach.  I noticed my co-workers either dipped or smoked, so on our break I casually pulled out my snuff like it was no big deal.  I asked them if they had ever taken snuff tobacco, and then took some off the back of my hand.  None of my coworkers had seen snuff before, so they asked to smell it and see what it smelled like.  I told them they could try it if they wanted, but there were no takers.  Beyond that, no worries.

    Now I can stop and take some snuff at work, and not worry about a thing.  It nice.

  • Depending on your location, at least here in the colonies, there can be an omnipresent troop of PC Police that have appointed themselves the arbiter of socially acceptable behaviour be it the size of your beverage, smoking, sniffing, choice of entree or whatever blows their skirt up.  I actually enjoy the confrontations with these folks.  Their arrogance, combined with their ignorance, makes for a jolly good time when they get their panties in a bunch.

    That's how I met a local sheriff's deputy a few months back.  A cocktail server called them because of my suspicious behaviour.  This guy showed up and just happened to be a long time snuffer of Swisher Starr.  A good time was enjoyed by a few.
  • markstinsonmarkstinson Member
    edited November 2015 PM
    I would have loved to have seen the cocktail server's face if the Sheriff accepted a pinch of snuff from you within her view!  

    Not to start a class-warfare discussion here, but in general, this is why I like being around working-class blue-collar people.  They tend to somewhat reject the whole PC movement.  They usually have their "bad" habits, and they don't give a $#!t if you have "bad" habits.  They are actually more comfortable to learn that you have your own "bad" habits and that you are willing to be yourself in front of them.

    To illustrate my point.  Picture yourself in the USA at a party with lawyers, doctors, and business professionals and you pull out some snuff and take a pinch.  Now picture yourself in the USA at a backyard BBQ with some construction workers, firemen, and good-old-boys (and good-old-girls, of course) and you put out some snuff and take a pinch.  Where would you be more likely to be accepted, and where would you be more likely to generate some drama?

  • @markstinson  True that.  I'm southern California by youth.  Southern by choice.  I'd rather share a jar of 'shine on the tail gate of a beat up pick up truck than go cork sniffing at some wine tasting.  

    Don't get me wrong.  I made a nice living taking care of the "upper crust" of society, so I had no choice but to learn all the disciplines required.  In fact, I was damned good at it.  I enjoyed it other than the customers :)

    Now that I'm retired I prefer overalls, the company of dogs, good old boys and turnip greens.  Ya'll can keep all that snooty shit for yourselves :))
  • I just do nice big piles off the back of my hand. I don't really care what people think, I live in south Florida where everyone is flaky all around you and people are more worried about homeless harrassing them. No one ever pays any one mind. But I actually turned a couple people on to snuff that are around me, but I have given them to start with. But I doubt they ever ordered any...
  • If you spend any time around adult watering holes that don't allow smoking, you'll find a target rich environment for snuff newbies.  Especially those of the female variety if you play your cards right.

    Offer a pinch from a nice snuff box with a little info on the contents and folks will come around.  The PC types are hopeless.  F__k 'em.
  • Works damned good, just don't let anyone try your WE, there's always at least one hard ass who says they want to. I don't even tell anyone I've got it anymore, ruins the first experience pretty promptly.
  • I don't really know how to educate my friends about snuff to well. More like they tolerate me snuffing, but they still smoke themselves. Really I don't understand whats wrong with some snuff. The other day may friend was joking that my nose will fall off and I'll be like Michael Jackson lol. It's funny the people around here at my local pubs and other places, the facial reactions I get when taking a pinch is funny. Most of the people insist that what it looks like is that I'm a hardcore user of Cocaine or Heroin. Really I just blow my nose and everything is fine since I kicked the cigs.
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    @mrsniffles - Yeah, I don't understand why people go on about "your nose is going to fall off", when to my knowledge there has never been any case of that sort of thing happening with nasal tobacco snuff.  It kind of reminds of how people automatically associate dip with oral cancer, when in fact the vast majority of cases of oral cancer among tobacco users are found in cigarette smokers.
  • Ill get folks who want to tell me how snuff is worse then smoking. Like hows it healthier? I understand they're concern, but I think things are fine.
  • My coworkers gave me strange looks initially. But after a brief explanation they understood. I even got one of them to try a pinch of Viking Dark.

    I was questioned about it in public a few weeks ago at a bar. I had a tin of Toque Quit open on the bar. Luckily the bartender was intelligent and realized that it was tobacco. "I've never seen anyone snort tobacco before". I explained from there that you don't snort it, but I don't think that she fully understood it.
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