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Snuff "Duds"


In my short exposure to snuffs, I have tried around 40 different snuffs. So far, very few "duds"....snuffs that were just plain terrible IMHO. I recently bought Wilson's of Sharrows Rum and Blackberry. Sounded really good but, turned out to be really terrible. I did not detect any berry or rum. What I got out of it was dried cardboard. A truly terrible snuff in my opinion.

Another that left me shaking my head was Toque Champagne. Sounded good but left me disappointed.

I'm sure everyone here has had similar experiences and disappointments, but what snuff has left you saying; WTF??!!


  • wos blueberry wasn't to impressive. but what i also didn't like was toque blueberry menthol
  • I really didn't like SD vanilla. Not much there. Not enough scent, vanilla or even the tobacco came through very well. Kind of like shoving ground up dirt to my nose but no dirt scent.
  • Rosinski Driesener.  I love other Rosinskis, but the alluring green snuff... I just get the sense that I'm snuffing some sort of herb - like oregano or something.  I feel the same way about Toque Rustica - hay, not tobacco.  And if I was Roderick or Rene, I'd probably read this and think "well you're just a tobacco novice, that's your problem" which is likely the case.  I'm a fan of Rosinski and Toque for the record.  
  • Fubar Jungle Fever  Mango The Mango just out stays it welcome
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Some people love it, but I can't stand GH Sea Breezes.  Smells exactly like Comet bathroom cleanser to me. 

  • Anything with a load of menthol in, but which didn't make it clear beforehand. WoS Raspberry, GH Aniseed, GH Whisky .......

    Dholakia Wine and Cheese is the single worst snuff scent I have ever encountered.
  • For me the biggest duds have been the indian whites. I didn't have a huge amount of trouble learning to use them but the scent of fishfood and body odor was simply too off putting.
  • mrsnifflesmrsniffles Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    6 photo #6 is...... it smells like ass. i don't know how to describe it. Then my nose senses medicated and a subtle hint of...... I think maybe patchouli?

    I have a tin of 150g that I kinda regret opening or buying it.
  • Viking Blond. Actually, it's not terrible, just underwhelming. Every time I take it, I think, why the hell didn't I just have a pinch of HDT instead?
  • None really that i've tried, there's always one thing or another that I like. If I had to say the one I like least out of all the snuffs I have tried, I would have to say McChrystals Violet I find it very soapy.
  • There is an Indian snuff I bought named Balmukund - from same guys who make Swastik, I suppose. I just want to forget I bought it since I just dumped it in the trash can after my first two sniffs. 
  • I am at a loss for words to describe the odor of 6P Cheeta but I can tell you that, to me, it's just nasty.

    I feel pretty much the same way about F&T Bordeaux and Macouba. Both scents just leave me confused as to the intent of the maker. IMO, they are both way over the top scent-wise.
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