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What snuff is best for in between the lip and bottom gum?

What snuff should i buy for putting between my bottom lip and gum? Coarse and moist?


  • Are you looking for moist snuff? Like Grizzly or Copenhagen? If you'd really like to pack a lip of nasal snuff, I'd go as coarse and moist as possible.
  • You should probably buy stuff like Copenhagen or something like it. Dry snuff is usually best for nasal use. American scotch and sweet has been known to be used orally by dipping a stick in it and put the stick in the mouth. I did see a thread where a member dipped honey bee.
  • Whatever tastes better I'd say.  Even if it's course and moist, snuff is snuff is a pain in the ass to take a pinch of (a big pinch for oral use that is).  

    Honey Bee was nice and sweet, but a little messy.  For the sake of science, I just tried a couple others: Samuel Gawith Cola, and Taxi Blue.  The coarsest of those (Taxi Blue), was still a pain in the butt to dip, not unlike Copenhagen Snuff (dip).  Honey Bee: difficult to use orally, but sweet and tasty.  SG Cola: difficult to use, kind of good tasting.  Taxi Blue: difficult to use, not great tasting.  Honey Bee was the best, so I'd say American Sweets would be the way to go, even though they're fine and dry.

    Copenhagen Southern Blend Long Cut is like, the perfect dip IMO, but it's just so damn addictive!  I can't in good conscience recommend it! >:)
  • Use Swedish Snus in the upper lip, it is much safer. I recommend anything from Oden's .No spitting involved! and with the Snus portion; tobacco don't get stuck between your teeth.  Lower TSNA levels. And the extreme delivers 22mg/g nicotine.
    Powdered Dry Snuffppm TSNA
    Dental Sweet41.0
    Levi Garrett25.8
    Railroad Mills27.2
    Red Seal18.6
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I suggest the American scotches. Maybe try a little on the end of a moistened matchstick that is dipped i nthe snuff.
  • My grandmother used to use Peach snuff. She literally poured it out of the can into her mouth. A lot of southern women in previous generations used snuff this way. That's likely why it is still found in grocery stores.

    I tried some this way. It tasted bad.
  • @JosephJames That's quite impressive. As I read your post, I considered giving it a try, but your last sentence put an end to that thought.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    She let me try when I was about ten. I sneezed and all of that snuff fogged out over her kitchen. She made me promise not to tell my mom and then bought me a plug of bloodhound the next day.

    She could pour it right in her mouth. Kept a paper towel and a coffee can around at all times.

  • My local grocer in Georgia still carries all of the popular scotch snuffs - and it's all for older people.  I thought we would most likely see them go away very soon, but just recently they started stocking the BIG tubes.  I had never even seen tubes that big before.
  • Nice. Glad to see more being stocked in some places. All I can get is we garrett sweet and scotch, and a few silver dollar snuffs that are most likely older stock.
  • I bought 2 of the big tubes yesterday. Price is up. 4.65 ounces/131.83 grams is $20. Bought Bruton and WE Garrett. Bruton is great. I don't care for WE Garrett much.
  • I might have to take a picture to share and make all of the scotch lovers drool.  
  • All of the American scotches and sweets are good for dipping.  You pour them into the front of your mouth and use the tip of your tongue to shovel it into a little ball.  Don't let it get too wet, but if it stays dry then you're not getting the nicotine.  It takes practice, but the flavour is quite nice.  Starr is maybe a bit too plain for me for dipping--it's not cured with hickory smoke at all--though it's great as a very plain nasal snuff.

    African moist and dark snuffs like NTSU and Taxi are also good for dipping, though they are very strong.

  • The best way to use American dry snuff as a dip is to get yourself a small spoon , not a nose spoon but a spoon about 1/4 the size of a teaspoon and spoon the snuff in your lip, although any spoon will do. Or dump just a small amount in the lid & use the lid to pour into the lip. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
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