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Cross contamination of Snuff

Hello, I got a few samples of snuff in the mail that were packed in baggies. one of them was a medicated snuff, now all of the ones in baggies smell like the medicated one. If I air them out, will the medicated scent come out, or will it persist?


  • @Psicko, they will mostly air out but sometimes you still get a lingering essence. Depending on how long the exposure
  • ok. hopefully they will. They were in the mail together for a few days. My samples of Dolokia green, RR maccaboy, and some other russian snuff smells like 6 photo 666.

  • There was that dreadful incident when Dholakia was launching a new product, Madras Toast, I think. They sent out mass samples to any snuffhouse.com member who asked. They included another free sample of some medicated snuff. Despite the fact that they looked very well wrapped, there was bad cross contamination, and everyone thought the Madras was a menthol. They did try to rectify it by sending out a fresh sample, and it was good stuff. But I can imagine there were frowns, growls and curses at head office.
  • ouch.
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