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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

US Swap-shop - all the flavours sent back to the UK.

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2016 in General
As everyone knows I am fighting this tooth and nail. Just to show you how stupid the EU are there is nothing stopping us selling to the US and the US swapping/selling to customers here. In fact that sadly applies to all tobacco products and just shows how stupid the EU is. Haven't they heard of the internet? In the good old days of Prohibition we sent gallons of British alcohol to the US. Now the tables are turned. It is the US's turn to make money from Europe.


  • We in America will continue to support you.

    I tried to mail some American scotch style snuff to an Irish member here and the postal worker told me it was prohibited and would be seized. Wrote an email to the Irish embassy. No response. I still have the package and customs declaration.

    I have family that worked in tobacco in the 1960s. Wish now I had quizzed them on growing. I may have to plant my own some day.

    Keep the doors open, sir, and we will keep buying.
  • Just post it anyway. It will get through.
  • @Roderick if I wasn't on disability , I would offer to sell your product line to UK market. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Isn't the US facing some challenges with the FDA over tobacco? I haven't followed the FDA stuff too closely so I'm not sure if there would be any problems selling tobacco back to the EU.
  • edited November 2016 PM
    @JosephJames   Hi, Just label that package as soap making supplies and it will go through, never tell the postal worker your sending tobacco !   Atleast this is what I do and have never had trouble G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • noidea1263noidea1263 Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I thought Toque was partnered with Kretek in the US? And if memory serves correctly, Kretek had to deal with the US government with something regarding Clove cigarettes, so might have some knowledge regarding the legal process on our end of it, if it is something you haven't dealt with directly before.
  • @TigerJackshere Thank you for that tidbit. I will submit it that way. I hope it makes it. I guess the absolute worst is they impound it. It's worth a try. 
  • @crullers The FDA wants to stop the manufacture of flavored cigars and cigar wrappers. They may have a hard time doing that. The wrappers are mostly sold in...let's say...diverse neighborhoods to make blunts with. When they worked on the PACT Act, they were stopped from banning menthol cigarettes using the racism hammer. That may very well happen with grape and peach flavored cigar wrappers. The FDA will have to thread a needle on that one. Personally, the idea of smoking a grape flavored cigar is unappealing to me. 

    Oddly, marijuana legalization is flying through legislatures. No one ever brings up consequences of smoking marijuana, yet smoking tobacco is vilified. I suspect that pot smoke causes emphysema, like cigarettes, but have yet to see it mentioned anywhere by anyone. Personally, I don't care a whit about people smoking whatever they want, I just find the inconsistency bad. 

    I notice that while we are seeing anti snuff regulations coming, the stores (in the US anyway) remain fully stocked with all kinds of cigarettes. Where I live, the scotch snuffs are available in the grocery stores along with "dip" and chewing tobacco. I make a point of buying a can of scotch snuff any time I stop in at a grocers. 
  • If my pothead friends are any indication of the general marijuana consuming public in my state (where recreational use is legal)... the lazy slobs never clean out their water pipes so I'm sure they're inhaling all sorts of mold spores n' gunk.  Eww.  That can't be good.
  • I live in Colorado, and there are 3 pot stores in my town. But only one tobacco store, where they still carry Toque USA and Silver Dollar. I think it's absurd. I once asked the manager at the grocery store if they could stock American Scotch snuff, and she replied that they could not, because there wan't a big enough market for it. Go figure.
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