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I posted this on Reddit a while ago. Can any of you tell how old it is?

The box was purchased from an antique store in Tennessee. Its fairly heavy (tin maybe?) and definitely has seen some use. Does anyone have an estimate of how old it is?


  • UbiquitousUbiquitous Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I'm not an expert on this, but some more info would definitely help anyone who is. Makers, or other marks? Pewter?
  • @Ubiquitous It might be pewter. It has no maker marks or anything on it anywhere. Just the patterns on the lid and the same patterns on the bottom. 
  • Probably pewter. It's at least 90% tin, so you weren't far off. I don't know what anyone will be able to dig up, because it has no marking whatsoever. The clerk at the antique shop didn't know anything about it?

    Anyway, it's a nice find regardless. It's a lot nicer than the Rococo snuffbox I typically carry.
  • @Codswallop would you be able to get some more detailed pictures of the box, especially the joining method used while creating this box
  • @Aamon yeah I'll empty it out and post some when I get off work
  • Why would you want to sell it? Too much lead?
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