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Bulk Buying Rappees

I have been contemplating buying some of Samuel Gawiths Black Rappee and London Brown in bulk.

I have a fair few menthols and medicated snuffs in bulk stored away, not so many florals,  but find that I am reaching for the Rappees more and more.

Do rappees keep well in bulk long term?  

How long would they keep?

Anybody have experience of laying down Rappees like fine wine for the future?

Or should I just stick to the large tins?



  • I do, certainly always in sterile dark glass jars with tight lid! Some windmill AO1860 over 10 yrs. old is most excellent even today and should be even better after another 10. Of course it will be as I know you can't even get any more. I am hoarding 100g of fresh and 60g of the aged.
  • I certainly hope it keeps. I've got London Brown, Firedance, Toque Plain Coarse, Berwick Brown, KB Plain, Best Dark, Brunswick..... and more

    I've transferred them all to glass jars as I know from experience they can sometimes eat through the metal tins (corrosion). I lost several tins of Best Dark that way
  • I too am interested in stocking up on Sam Gawith Black Rappee.

    I found it for sale in bulk from the snuff store, but they don't ship to the States.  Does anyone know where I can buy it in bulk and have it shipped to the States?

  • Snuff.me.uk sells bulk Sam Gawith.
  • I too would be interested in London brown in bulk... any sellers? I want more than 25g
  • I haven't seen London Brown for a long time. But Black Rappee was in stock @ Mr.S. last week I think. I've been stocking up on it, but I'd sure like to get it in bulk. I just emailed snuff.me.uk about this. Hope to hear from them soon.
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