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What do you 'do'?



  • horse oil?

  • LloLlo Member
    edited October 2016 PM
  • I have always kept and eye out for familiar British address we all know and love. So far the only person that I know of in city that orders directly from Toque is me. But I do live in a small city.
  • Business Consultant for a Fortune 50 in the US. Do I enjoy it, no. Does it pay the bills, indeed it does. Opening a Chiropractic Clinic in the next two years where the wife can work and I can, ummmmmmm, manage the business (i.e. snuff around town with my 120 lb. rhodesian ridgeback).
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I'm a Chef at Ruth's Chris in WaiKiki.part time and my other job is my garden job(hobby) which I love.Because I get to enjoy my fruits/herbs of my labor \:D/ and make some "paperwork"($$) on the side. B-)
  • I work as an officemanager in a small company . We buy in bulk gas and electricity for companies and al the advice you can think of relating to gas and electricity.
  • I've been a carpenter for the past 20 or so years.
    For the past 10 of those years I have been a scaffold builder.
    I'm one of the guys you see 90' in the air walking on a 9" piece of wood with 30lbs on my shoulder.

    Really my job is great, it definitely isn't for everyone but I've got to work on lots of historic buildings, mostly in Philadelphia, and most times I work with a small crew and most jobs are less than a week.
    So my job is rarely boring.

    I used to work in a cabinet shop and I also do the various interior systems work like drywall, drop ceilings, ect.
    Building stuff is fun for me, there is no way I could sit in an office for 8hrs.

  • I work for the Army Research Laboratory receiving and sending email, documents, supplies, etc. Just general admin stuff.
  • Nothing and I am good at it =))
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Today is the last day at my current job!   \:D/

    The new job starts Monday morning and we will be moving around the end of the month.

    I'll be in charge of the Blood Bank and Transfusion Services for a nearby hospital.

  • @cobguy nice!
  • @Cobguy nearby where?
  • I do house clearances, Removals, man and van stuff !
  • I'm a former History teacher, but for the last 20 years have lived on a ranch in Colorado, where we breed warmblood horses, have some goats, play guitar in a band, live way out in the country far away from suburbia. I'm originally from Orange County, but came to Colorado to visit, and ended up staying here.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    @Llo Oil rig? *Edit I made this guess when I was back on page 4 by accident :P
    I am studying Horticulture at the moment trying to get my licence to grow medical marijuana for cancer patients.
    Worked as a laborer in the pallet industry for awhile when I was younger for some quick cash. I then had the wonderful opportunity to work as a Perfumer under a mentor for three and a half years, though the company was driven out of business by the larger conglomerates within the industry. Then I decided its time to knuckle down and study something else.
  • @Mrmanos fancy taking on a 22 year old fella from england with very similar interest? :D 
  • @Aamon it is an oil pumping unit. It is the final step after all of the numerous steps to get crude oil from the earth. My job is to make sure it continues to produce oil and not leak it on the ground. When storage tanks get full, I have to get it ready to be carried away to the purchaser and eventually to the refinery and to your transit system, plastic manufacturer or road construction. There are alot of logistics that go into it from the bigging to end product. The cows are hanging around and tends to tear things up until it is time for rancher to get his ending product to market. It is a great job working by myself everyday and being in nature with all the critters.
  • Here is a nice morning picture of my day.IMG_0655
  • One more photo to bore you with. This is your drilling rig.IMG_0661
  • @Llo It sounds like an interesting job. I'm very much the same I personally enjoy working in the outdoors and in nature. I couldn't bare working in an office, that's the main reason of my recent course in Horticulture
  • I plant a garden every year. But the bugs enjoy it more than I get to. If they ever legalize pot where I live, there won't be anymore vegetables in my garden. LOL!
  • Great now the bugs get my spinach and terrorists get my pot:( No more gardening for me!
  • Supply chain manager for a hospital, and search and rescue when needed.
  • @Llo You mentioned plastic manufacturers, which is one of the important aspects of oil that the anti oil crowd conveniently forget.

    Our society would be in the early 19th Century without petroleum products.
  • law talkin' guy, employed by a provincial government, constitutional law section.  in my secret life, I take snuff and record death country blues.

  • .....that's classified
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I also have a "Green Thumb" and since I'm living in Hawaii growing is year-round all legal if u have a card and follow the rules.
    But my main profession is a Chef at a Ruth's Chris in Waikiki Before Ruth's Chris I was a Chef at Roy's(fine dining).
  • @Hawaiian_Ryan I am  also looking to get a permit once Australia puts forth the legislation for medicinal cannabis to be grown within Australia. Hence the course in Horticulture, I would like to legally grow and help people that need it. The issue in Australia at the moment is medicinal permits are being given out to cancer patients and such, though there are no suppliers within Australia. The only option they have is to get a doctor to file all the necessary paperwork and apply for a permit then meet the regulations and buy a safe just to help a couple of patients, which is not happening at the moment. Give it a year and hopefully we can turn things around.
  • Writer, Vigilante 
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