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Were ready made cigarettes once any good?



  • The only cigarette that could make me pick up smoking is Lucky Strikes. They still make them but the are really hard to come by in the states. If those were readily available I would always have a pack around.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited January 2017 PM
    No one is saying smoke of any kind isn't bad for you because that's clearly not true but cigarette smoke is in a league of its own because it has toxins ADDED to it and therefore cannot be fairly compared to just about any other kind of smoke.  Its like saying that all wine will make you go blind because wine that has antifreeze added to it can make you go blind, one has toxins added to it the other does not, they are not in the same league.
  • @n9inchnails Agreed. Good talk, old chap.
  • I lived in Scotland in 1970, and remember smoking lots of very good English non-filter cigs. One type I recall, that were excellent , was called "Passing Clouds".  I mostly smoked hand-rolled Golden Virginia however. Another great cigarette from memory were Mac Donalds Export Canadian. I used to love going to Toronto with my parents and buying Canadian cigs. Another brand I used to enjoy were called Black Cat. As for American cigs, I used to love Sherman's Havana Ovals, which are non filtered, and oval shaped. And I can't forget the non filter Gitanes, with that super unique flavor and the lovely artsy box!
  • I understand that there are many toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, but I don't know which ones, if any, are added and which might occur naturally. I have a hard time believing in evil corporations adding cyanide to cigarettes. I mean, maybe they do, but that would cost them money. I've never seen a complete chemical analysis of a burned natural tobacco leaf vs. a cigarette. No doubt some of the toxic chemicals are simply created by the process of burning tobacco.

    I know that chemicals have sometimes been added to improve the nic kick, but I don't really know what that means and to be honest I don't trust the tobacco companies OR the anti-smoking lobby.
  • That was part of my point. Just like every other issue on this planet, everyone has an agenda. The big tobacco lobby, anti-smoking lobby, legalization lobby, anti-legalization lobby. All have an agenda, and unfortunately with all the agendas the truth takes a back seat and eventually gets lost or supressed.
  • The only decent tobacco's i could find when i was smoking was mainly 3 types. Lucky Strikes, American Spirit organic and 100% Virginia. All of the cigarettes they sell in the shops I never grew a liking to, so I typically ordered in from overseas or specialist tobacco shops.
  • @SandwhichIsles do you GLP? Referencing the Morgan Freeman.

    Formaldehyde is added to pot by some. I know people who do it. They claim a better high.

    We know that smoke bursts alveoli, regardless if it is tobacco or marijuana smoke. Anyone who denies it is giving away their pot agenda. I really don't care if people want to smoke pot, but, if so, the demonization if tobacco should stop. It's a double standard.
  • edited January 2017 PM
    @josephjames fandango ranger here, though I read more than post. And I wholeheartedly agree with your point. I have personal friends who are pro-marijuana supporters, and in the same breath, tobacco (not just smoking) demonizers. The hypocrisy is what gets me.
  • There are plenty of tobacco users that are willing to demonize users of other types of tobacco. 

    Almost every time I've ever been given crap for smoking a cigar, it was by a woman smoking a cigarette. 

    The most extreme case was at a party at work after hours.  I went outside on the deck over the river far away from everyone else and lit a cigar.  A woman walked over and lit a cigarette right next to me and upwind.  I moved away from her, and she followed me telling me how my Fuente Y Fuente Opus X "smelled like ass".  I commented to her "So yer extremely familiar with ass?  Humm?"  She stomped her foot like a petulant child and told me her husband was gonna kick my ass.  She sent this big biker over to me who proceeded to try and intimidate me, but when he heard what I said to her he laughed and left.  She came back over and slapped the barely-lit cigar outta my hand into the river.  I tell her that's gonna cost ya 30$   or I'm gonna call the Marshal.  Her husband threatened me with a beating, so I called the Marshal in front of him and said "I've just had my property destroyed, and been threatened with a beating."  The biker laughed until the Marshal pulled up into the parking lot and I went over to the Marshal and pointed at the biker.  The drunk female with the cigarette kept cussing me and the Marshal out while her biker husband kept telling her to shut the F*** up.  I tell him I want 40$ for the cigar.  The biker explodes and says to the Marshal I'm cheating him as I only wanted 30$ before.  The marshal tells him I bet that was before ya threatened him. I smiled and nodded my head.  I got 40$.  Then I said I won't press charges if I get a believeable apology from both of ya.  The biker reddened and apologized, his wife wouldn't, but I suspect she payed later.

    In my experience, it's always the cigarette smokers that give me a hard time about cigars, pipes, or snuff.

  • ^ so true, when Im outside smoking my pipe the only people who complain are the ones with cigarettes in their mouths.
  • ^Same here. I don't tell anyone else how to manage their health and don't take kindly to anyone (but my wife or kids) trying to manage mine. Having said that, I'm a reasonable guy. If my smoke is bothering you (whether you're smoking or not) just ask me politely to move. The key is 'politely' and don't have a holier than thou attitude.
  • A pipe or cigar is infinitely more tolerable than a cigarette. I suspect the problem with cigarettes is related to the chemicals n9inchnails alluded to.
  • I'm not so sure. My wife smokes all natural additive free organic american spirits and they still smell horrific.
  • unfiltered camals and unfiltered pall malls are very good cigs, they still have the same smell as regular cigs but they are nice to smoke 
  • Yeah all the unfiltered cigarettes are excellent, except for Pyramids (a discount brand). English Ovals and Nat Sherman's Havana Ovals are probably the best, but Chesterfield (still made but hard to find sometimes), Pall Mall, Camel and Lucky Strike (all unfiltered) are excellent. They're much more expensive than their filtered counterparts, but you get what you pay for. If Philip Morris still makes Commander cigarettes I have heard those are unbelievably good as well.
  • a camel sales rep told me unfiltered camels had the best tobacco they make in them. i wouldn't be surprised if all companies do the same for their unfiltered too. @Mike_B is right about all those brands. they are all good
  • OregonOregon Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    I've never been a smoker with the exception of smoking socially with family/friends when I was living/working in China. I was a 10+ year smokeless (American smokeless/Snus) user though.

    That being said, my grandparents on both sides said cigarettes were better back in the day (1940s-60s). I don't know if this is nostalgia on their part or what. My uncle recently quit smoking (uses snuff now), and said they were worlds better before companies started producing those fire safe cigarettes. He said whatever changed in the fire safe cigarettes changed the taste in a bad way. My uncle did say he still enjoyed the taste of Camel unfiltered cigarettes though. Again, I'm not a smoker and can't attest to this, it's just what I've heard.
  • Havana Ovals are really good cigarettes. Sherman's, I don't think they have additives, but they could. I don't smoke them, but my brother does. I used to enjoy Pall Mall reds when I was about 18, my mom smoked them, so I could bum a packet from her now and then.
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