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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

What tin did you open today?



  • Samuel Gawith's Gin & Tonic
  • Opened a brand new vacuum tin of GH sandalwood. It's good, but more perfumey than when I got it in the little plastic tub. It smells more like the tap box sandalwood I bought back in 2009 when I first started buying mail order snuff. Still love it, though. I love taking a pinch on a winter morning and going outside to a world that smells like sandalwood.
  • Also opened a tin of that rare artisanal snuff called McChrystal's O&G. If you can ever find this snuff, my goodness do yourself a favour and stock up on it!

    Ok maybe I'm overstating its rarity but man that snuff is divine. I could never use it much because I get rebound from it, but when I have some it's wonderful. It's a classic for a reason.
  • I opened some WoS Royal George today. It has a to be the most mysterious scent I smell vanilla, some fruit like a berry and very very light rose.

    And I opened some SG Gin & Tonic. A nice light lime and quinine. I don't get the pine scent of the juniper berries or perhaps I that is what I sense as the lime scent. It's good anyway. 
  • @mike_B Wow never new McCrystal's OG to be considered an artisan or for that matter rare by any means. But you are correct, it's a fine English snuff that is available all over the planet.
    Nothing wrong with bragging it up as it may the most popular snuff available.
    I'm not a big menthol fan but admit I probably have 1/2 kilo of it!

  • @nicmizer yeah that was an attempt at dry wit.

    I will say, though, that just because a snuff isn't "small batch" doesn't mean that a lot of craft and artisanry didn't go into making it. Whoever came up with the recipe for O&G knew their craft, that's for sure.
  • After spending too much time reading reviews for the last few days, I thought Friday night would be a good moment to try something completely new for me so I just opened and decanted 2 medium F&T tubes : Princes and Santo Domingo. I need another day or two with them to have a clearer impression, for the moment I will just say that I like them both, they are exquisite snuffs that need a longer time spent with, like any work of art, for a deeper appreciation. Wish you all a wonderful weekend and happy sniffing!
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  • opened a new tin of Tom Buck finished another tin of SG Menthol.
  • Tin of sardines in hot sauce. Could certainly detect fish smell in this batch.
  • SG KB Special. I love that hissing sound of the fresh tin!
  • Six (6) Photo Super Kailash - I finished a 7 gram, and opened the 30 g tin. This is my favorite among the range. Super good for beginner level. These days, this is a go-to for my migraine issues. I got 2 non-smoking people try it and they have asked me for more because it has proven to provide them relief from a heavy head / headache. 
  • Small tin of WoS Apricot, and Cola. Not much excitement..
  • Square
  • OSP#2
  • SG Black Coffee
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • Six Photo Super Chetak

    This stuff is awesome! I get a light about of menthol & perfume/incense. Very nice.
  • LiamLiam Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    6 photo chocolicious, and it was a struggle, took me an hour to get the bloody thing opened..a hammer and a screwdriver was involved in the process... XD. But it was worth it! the snuff was super fresh and oh my! they are not joking when they say " a British style snuff" great taste! definitely can get the cocoa scent, good nicotine kick and the slight touch of menthol is enough to open you up but without letting the mint scent involved in the taste. Impressed! 
  • Six photo special - my night cap snuff, and can have at least 10 pinches through the day
  • OSP Batch # for waking up Then OSP #3 while outside this morning. The outdoors bring out the soft citrus and gin/juniper berry scent so nicely 
  • Lol @Liam . I had no end of trouble with those tins . I turn them over now and pop the lid out with a sheath knife ...simple , safe and quick  ....decant straightaway . I enjoy the Choco as well , have a tapbox full beside me as I type this :) .
  • Sixphoto has a video on his website of the tin opening process . Vikas must have fingers of steel to get those open by hand . :D
  • @Pikey - Well, I am able to open those tins just as easily :) I wonder why everyone struggles with them. I open, close tight, open, close tight, almost everyday 
  • @newbiesnuffer Fingers of steel ! :D 

    I aint complaining about the tins mind . The snuff is very fresh and that is all I really need from a container . :) 
  • Fresh 25g tin of Toast and Marmalade. MMM...
  • I guess it's about the technique alone with the tins. You need to try and open it bit by bit constantly rotating the tin - no matter how many times you have to do it until it's really loose to open. That's key. And gently, or you'll get snuff all over you :)
  • Or use a coin method.. I saw it in one of you YouTube videos by snuffbegins
  • @Pikey XD I actually closed the lid back up after the snuffing session, I was sure that the amount of damage sustained by the tin would of made opening it the second time easy...I was wrong...badly wrong. It is now safely decanted into a snuff jar lol. Chapeau for all those who open them bear handed!
  • F&T Morocco
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • Liam it is, as I said, just technique and patience - requires zero strength. It is demonstrated well in the video mentioned above.
  • OSP 1, 2, 3 Good stuff!
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