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Snuff zeppelins and early aviation?

To combine my interest in snuff and in the history of zeppelins and early aviation in general: Just wondering if any one knows if snuff was reportedly used by passengers or crew on the Graf Zeppelin given that smoking was necessarily forbidden. Zeppelins were huge at one time in the popular imagination and ads...did any snuff maker use such images? I am also curious to know if anyone --maybe the Imperial War Museum? has any trench art snuff boxes from downed wartime zeppelins [other souvenirs were indeed made from the wreckage]. As for a zeppelin snuff box i guess i will need to take the 2 coins i have and have that gentleman who makes coin snuff boxes [found here in the archives]. In case you want to look at the very interesting history of these aircraft [it's a lot more than the famous Hindenburg disaster that ended the zeppelin era] here's the best place i have found on the net;
 And how about pilots in WWI?


  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    I recommend watching The Great War YouTube channel. I have learned a great deal about the airships from it. They do more than brief mention of them and cover raids and combat they were involved in.

    I may ask about snuff since they encourage questions.
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