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Starr scotch snuff

I've mentioned this snuff many times, saying that it's such a wonderfully plain snuff. I got some new cans today (with the smaller label because of the health warning, so it's definitely new) and it smells completely different. This new batch is just as smoky as Superior. Now I don't know if I just had a super stale batch before or if they've changed their recipe. Either way, it's disappointing (though it's still excellent).


  • Well going by other reviews I clearly just had a very, very stale batch before--it's a smoky scotch, but not as smoky as others.  I certainly don't regret buying it--it's a lovely scotch snuff.
  • Mike_BMike_B Member
    edited February 2017 PM

    I take it as a good sign that they went through the trouble of redesigning the logo. If you look close, the banner and such are different. If they had plans to discontinue it I doubt they would have bothered re-drawing it (though sadly it doesn't look as old-timey with the warning there).
  • I got a fresh tin from Chef Daniel and find it delightful.  Strong smoke, and the bread/nut notes are divine.  Mmmmm
  • Sure glad these American classic snuffs are showing their face more often now. Seemed they were unseen for quite a few years.
  • I also got a fresh tin from Chefdaniel. I enjoy it much better now that I can take it better.
  • I'd rather have the warning than the "Fav-R-Gard" thing on there. Who are they fooling? You could keep scotches in a shoebox and it would not be much different than in the cans.
  • Ha yeah I'm pretty sure the "Flav-R-Gard" batch I had was made about 10 years before I bought it, which would explain why it had almost no flav-r.
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