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Forgetting To Snuff.

HoffwellHoffwell Member
edited February 2017 in General
It's just after mid-day on Saturday here in the UK and I've been busy doing jobs this morning up the town. It has just dawned on me that I haven't had any snuff today. That tells you all you need to know about the 'addictiveness' of snuff. When I smoked proper manufactured cigarettes some years ago (and I was never a big smoker) I was ready for one of those despicable things on waking and before eating. So I've just had a nice pinch of (sadly discontinued) WOS Vanilla Ice.


  • Thats the beautiful thing about snuffs even I have noted. When I work, I don't snuff all day and do that when I am relaxing in the evening / night. Hence, the nicotine does not have me as a slave through snuff. Hence I have moved from smoking to snuff for my nicotine dosage. 
  • Is there such a thing as remembering to snuff? That sounds to me like remembering to take a dump. You either want a pinch, or you don't.

    Notice I said want not need. Cigarettes are a different matter entirely. Those bastards just won't leave you alone.
  • @50ft_trad - I'm rolling on the floor laughing - "Those bastards just won't leave you alone." and I agree

    But apropos what I said earlier on this discussion is that I guess everyone has a different personality and some are more "addiction slave oriented" than others. I was generally comfortable giving up, restarting a habit and keeping the tobacco in my control rather than the tobacco controlling me. I guess I might just be a type who can generally control urges. Some might get hooked on in a way. I think its the case with anything you do for a pleasurable experience. 
  • I'm more addicted to the little spoons, snuff boxes, health risks and hankies than the snuffs themselves. I'll take quite a few pinches during the hour when I am almost anywhere. The thing is, when I snuff at work, since it is so high paced I don't really pinch often because my hands are always in the dishpit. That makes it difficult to keep opening small toque tines than anything. I've found it best to keep to certain tap boxes or snuffboxes so administering is at ease. Rather having to pinch fast and move onto whatever I'm doing. The handy dandy bullet is a savor as well.
  • I 100% agree with @50ft_trad. I can honestly say that since I started snuffing I have never forgotten to take a pinch.
  • I will occasionally in the rare case my snuffbox isn't on hand. But I remember when I start getting cranky for no real reason.
  • Well....I don't forget to snuff, but I do agree that the addiction seems much less than cigarettes, from what I have seen. I've never even smoked a cigarette, but I have seen chain smokers, and I'm not a chain snuffer. Some times I only do four or eight "big" pinches a day (thumb and middle fingger)
  • This may be more proof that it's the chemicals they put in cigarettes that are more addictive than the nicotine.  As I said to my wife the other day, I keep increasing my intake of snuff, pipe, and cigars, smoking more and more all the time and I never get addicted  :))  Seriously, though, I honestly think I could quit any time and often go many days without.
  • I forgot I took a pinch. Does that count  ? =)) 
    Brain damage is a thing. >:) 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • i just quit smoking completely. a few pipes a day and a few cigarettes. at my worst i smoked 2 packs a day. i did that for around 10 years. im coming up on 6 weeks smoke free and i honestly feel liberated. i use way less tobacco in general now. i just use snuff and snus now. the cravings are so much easier to deal with and i often look at the clock and realize its been hours since i had any nicotine. i havent been able to do that since i was a teenager
  • @basement_shaman - that happens to me too :)
  • EffyEffy Member
    That is a very interesting point - am I wanting a pinch, or needing one?  At the moment at least, I think it's still wanting, thankfully.  When I am in a position where I can't pinch but isn't overly enjoyable (in a very dull meeting, maybe) then it does annoy me, reminding me of an addiction-type reaction.  But if it is something enjoyable then I might think "A bit of snuff would be good right now, but I can't so hey-ho", so I think it is still "wanting"
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    I think for me if i'm watching tv or playing video games I would pinch alot more simply because I want a pinch. If i'm out at and about town or working down at the farm I usually go hours before it dawns on me I want a pinch or more so need a pinch at that point. I wouldnt say that I ever forget to pinch since I dont have a specific schedule dedicated to taking snuff, well unless i'm lounging around the house then I just go nuts.
  • I forget to take a pinch in the sense that I may go reaching for a cigarette when, had I took a pinch, I may have avoided the need to light-up.  It was the same thing with those danged nicotine gums - when I remembered to have one I was fine.
  • It's easy to forget about snuffing when you have so many other options for nicotine uptake. If snuff taking was more addictive I believe there would be a different story. Being addicted, it takes a conscious effort or will to stop. Snuff can be used as a replacement therapy however a withdrawal period will need to be tolerated. This takes serious commitment and effort without which snuffing can easily be overlooked for the addiction. I not only have "forgotten" to snuff but I have after desiring a snuff, chosen a alternative uptake system. So some of us do need to remember snuffing.
  • Yes I've noticed this quite a bit myself. Cigarettes are very fiendish. Other forms of tobacco, you can easily go all day without them and not even think about it. When I'm off the cigs I won't usually use any tobacco until after I get off work. When I'm on the cigs, I want a cigarette every hour, if not every thirty minutes!
  • Just did my first sniff of snuff since May 23rd last night. When I left town for a extended period of time I took some with me but had no craving for it during my absence from home. I typically enjoy snuff during fall and winter. Summer now and really don't care to use it. Snus and long cut chew are my year round go to tho.
  • EffyEffy Member
    Yesterday I was home doing some DIY - I usually start snuffing around 11:30 but yesterday it was the whole day.  Funny how doing certain things or changing the routine can impact it
  • SvHSvH Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    Last few weeks i forgot to snuff too, but not in a good way, started chainsmoking again instead :(  sound stupid, but I do like snuff much better then sigarettes, and still i tend to reach for my pouch of rolling tobacco much easier...
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