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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

41 Photo White Elephant



  • DxxDxx Member
    Love the flavour - if you can call it that - but I find it almost impossible to take. And I am no beginner.
  • I am a big WE user. I mix it with other snuffs to reduce the dustiness. But lately I have been experimenting with making my own snuff using rustica leaves I bought from Leaf Only. I used a food dehydrator to dry the leaves, a rock tumbler to grind them, and a mesh coffee filter to sift the powder. I add washing soda and salt. My first batch turned out to be very good. High nic hit due to the high nic content of the rustica and elevated pH from the soda. I figure the cost is less than one fourth of WE delivered to me in Atlanta.

    I collect the rejects from sifting which pretty much consists of stems, then regrind with a food processor and tumble again until they pass the coffee filter. The flour made from the rejects is noticeably lighter in color than the first pass accepts. It looks a lot like WE.

    From this, I suspect WE is made almost entirely from stems, and probably from rustica.

    By the way, on my last order from Leaf Only I ordered some rustica seeds and plan on raising some this year. I'll post some more later on my snuffmaking and tobacco "farming". Wish me luck.
  • Haven't tried it yet, I don't want to buy the 150g can.
  • @Dxx - pinches work just fine for me. Or maybe, since I live at a coastal city, the snuff gets a little moist rather than drying out. 
  • I second @newbiesnuffer, pinching works best. I press the pinch really hard, blow off any residues and inhale with numerous short, sharp whiffs while gradually and slowly releasing my fingers. The most important part is pursing the nose (shrinking nose walls without fingers), which minimizes throat hit during insnufflation.

  • @volunge thats seems to be some serious work taming that elephant :D
    i have not tried this one yet but the 6photo cheeta which could be similar extremely hard to sniff and to survive afterwards :D
  • it might be that those white indians are more fore oral use i read
  • as well as black ones
  • White ones are meant to be sniffed only, for oral use try our Cheeta chhap Gul .

    In India generally all snuffs are used as dentifrice besides for sniffing.

    Having said that i find the white ones particularly unsuitable for oral use.
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