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toque st. clement - or: how i came to like clementines

betonentebetonente Member
edited October 2008 in General
first: i hope "clementines" is actually the right word for what in german is "klementinen" or "mandarinen".

i hate clementines. i like oranges, but somehgow clementines just hit something nasty in my sensory system. not good.

BUT then came toque st. clements. apparently it is modeölled after some kind of fruit liquor? i could probably not be talked into trying that, as ireally dislike fruit liquors. that is one of the reasons st. clements was the last snuff i tried among the prize snuffs Roderick sent me (thanks again).
what have i been missing! it is plain great. a bit more dry than i usually care for, but such is the imperial way of things and being an admirer of things british (miniature wargaming and marmalade and englkish breakfast and british tea melanges come to mind) i can adjust to that. scent from the tin is dusty with a hint of oranges and something more citrus like - i will call it "lemony". i take it in small pinches, as it is so dry.
now in the nose is where things are decided. and this is also where st. clements shines most brightly. an incredibly fresh scent of citrus like oranges, with maybe just a touch more sweetness making it more clementine-like. in between oranges and clements i would say. the scent stays for a while and then makes room for more tobbacco-scgent and for a more earthy, still orange like note. no candy detected.

so, get yourself some st. clements. soon.


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  • mmmm clementines, I can eat those by the bag full.
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  • no wonder I love St. Clements soooooooooooo much. Now I know what describe the flavor. I bet I have had a gram or two in the 18 or so hours I have had my first tin.
  • Yeah, I like this one more and more. I have it today in fact, and it is very good.
  • I really like it after it's ben sitting out for a bit.
    I've got about 5 grams or so in my grass leaf bullet and as it dries out over the week, I find it more and more like a creamsicle.
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  • I think it must be one of those weird things like if you taste Brussels sprouts as bitter you are one of a very small number of people and are said to make excellent wine/food tasters. Just for comparison, Loire wine is supposed to have a wet dog aroma. Might just be a Marmite thing. You love it or you hate it.
  • Aha! I'm one of those who finds sprouts have a bitter taste.....

    But I love St Clements and Marmite! But not at the same time ;-)
  • you must be making that up about Brussel sprouts. Though I guess it makes sense as usaly when I eat I taste too.
  • Sprouts bought in a store are horrible f!**£$"!&^. When I had a vegetable garden I pulled them after a frost, boiled then straight away and then they have a sweet chestnuty taste.
  • I don't get wet dogs, but I do find these days that my tastes swing wildly and a snuff that I loved one day is revolting the next, which goes to show how weird taste is. Or maybe I'm just maad....
  • Snuffster, I don't think you're mad (well maybe just a little). Lol! This IMHO is why the old snuff companies had such a huge selection. Without the additives that cigarette manufacturers use to make their brands more addictive (smokers nearly always smoke the same brand) there was no brand loyalty with snuff and it was only quality and choice that mattered. The more flavours you offered your customer the better chance you had of retaining their business. I’m just the same, on a day to day basis my favourites constantly change.
  • On the toque site offer your favorite. Hell you don't even need to discount it.
  • Bob,
    That would have to be my daily favourite as it constantly changes. LOL! Today I started the morning with Grapefruit and right now I'm on Vanilla and Cherry, but yesterday It was St. Clements in the morning then Espresso and Chocolate during the day and Whisky and Honey in the evening.
  • Reading Snuff Head's post, I wonder if Roasted Chestnut wouldn't be a nice holiday season flavor!
  • As I'm partaking in this right now I thought of mixing it with chocolate to get a "chocolate orange" vibe (it's a British confectionary). Shame I haven't got any chocolate apart from bohica and I'm not mixing that with anything - it's in its own jar marked radioactive.
  • St Clements was the first ever nasal snuff I ordered.

    It has such a wonderful scent that can really only be appreciated outdoors in my opinion.

    I did find that over snuffing any snuff that has citrus in it will cause my sense of smell to no longer discern the citrus but instead a musky type wet dog aroma.

    This is no fault of the snuff as this has happened with different brands such as lemon grove from WoS too.

    St Clements to me is still kept on hand for days when I want to relax on the porch and enjoy this wonderful snuff. I highly recommend it but be careful about over doing it if you have a sensitive sense of smell.
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