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New Canadian Record for Fastest and Slowest delivery.

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 8 in General
72 days! What makes this so extraordinary is we also had in the same week a delivery to Toronto in 6 days. Thankfully most deliveries arrive between 8-12 days but, how strange is Canadian post?


  • Assuming it left the UK and was in Canada in two days (as it would have been) where was it for the next 70 days?

  • dwhytedwhyte Member
    edited November 10 PM
    I don't think it's Canada Post that's the problem, it's most likely the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) taking their sweet time clearing the package.
  • The post is strange, for sure.  What's even stranger is that after at least 30 mail orders over the years I was never once charged duty.  Some of the now-defunct sites used to label the packages as things other than snuff, but now the companies are list the contents as "snuff" and they still don't charge duty even though there are duty rates (and they're incredibly high).
  • Canadian post is notoriously bad both sending and receiving: very pricey too.
  • Im still waiting for a snus order. 24 days and counting. I have had some in only 5 days, at this point ill be surprised if it shows up... but I did see a facebook post about a box of cigars from 2016 just getting delivered, so you never know
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