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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Your latest snuff order



  • Hi @jmahes. Can I ask where you ordered the Bernard from? Mr. Snuff is out and not restocking. Also, keep an eye on the mail for the sample of custom double Ambrosia that I finally sent to you today!
  • @willynelson, hey man I sent you a PM. The Bernard Jubilaums I just ordered was from Mr Snuff. I think the last Bernard tobacco hey had
  • @willynelson I absolutely agree with your view on the McChrystal's Fine Keg (Hops) snuff. I ordered it straight from McChrystal's so it arrived fresh and after the first pinch I wasn't sure if I liked that special funk it has. Four days later and that large tin was finished and I wanted more, hence the 200g tub order. I'd have to rate it as my #3 favourite at this time.
  • md363md363 Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    MrSnuff order came in today!

    -  Toque Blueberry 10g
    -  F&T HDT 20g
    -  Hedges L260 
    -  FUBAR Grunt 25g
    -  Wilson's Tom Buck Extra 10g
    -  Wilson's Strawberry 5g x 3
    -  Wilson's Gold Label 25g

  • 4x hedges L260
    4x F&T HDT

  • shikitohnoshikitohno Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    I was going to hold off so I could get more HDT, but it looks like MrSnuff will be out of stock for longer than I wanted to wait for it.

    Picked up

    1x F&T Seville 50g
    1x SG KB original 25g
    1x Elmo's Reserve 25g
    1x Toque Spanish Gem 10g
    1x Whiskey and Honey 10g
    1x Peanut Butter 10g
    1x Berwick Brown 10g
    2x WoS Irish High Dry Toast #22 25g.

    Sad to see that I can no longer get my F&T HDT in a 50g tube and that Grand Cairo seems to have vanished while I was on my snuff hiatus.
  • Just got a shipment from Mr S for

    Wilsons of Sharrow Tom Buck
    SG KB Original
    F&T Kendal Brown
  • 1 x Sir Walter Scott's Roslein Snuff 50g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Friar Ramon Pane Snuff 15g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Field of Junipers Snuff 15g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Seville 50g
    1 x Wilsons Strasbourg 5g
    1 x Wilsons Whisky 5g
    1 x Smash Box: White 10g
    1 x Dholakia Sparrow 25g
  • Are gonna love the Roslein
  • Fribourg & Treyer

    Seville- 450gr
  • chadchad Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    10-pack of 15g SWS HIgh Dry Toast.
    I was SO happy to see it available from MR. Snuff again.
  • Took advantage of Mr Snuff free shipping to grab 500g of Dholakia white and various and sundry other things.
  • A slight rampage also sees 400g of Rustica, 100g USA Whisky and Honey, and 6 25g tins from Roderick.
  • 6 x Poschl Packards Club 10g
    4 x Poschl Schmalzler D Doppelaroma 25g
    6 x Poschl Schmalzler SF Sudfrucht 25g
  • All I have to say is.. too much of everything is just enough. Thanks again, @MrSnuff, for the generous free shipping.
  • From Mr. Snuff:

    1x450g WoS Grand Cairo
  • edited November 2017 PM
    Found a few favourites in stock online. Had to grab them.
    Fichtennadel x 30
    Zwifacher x 20

  • Babeton Blue
    Taxi Red
    Taxi Green
    SG Menthol
    SG Cola
    Neffa Ifrika
    SG Black Rappee
    Mc C's O&G
    Red Bull Aromatic
    WoS Ice Lemon
    WoS Best Dark
    WoS Best SP
    SG Celtic Talisman
    1/2 price shipping @ MS for Black Friday!
  • What's with all the fuss over poschl gawith apricot, I'm seeing it all the time now is it really all that great?
  • @adamakaelltang It's really quite good. I'm rather partial to apricot and peach snuffs and have tried them all.  If you don't mind a bit of menthol up front, there's nothing bad to be said about it. Easy to snuff (oiled), long lasting, and very enjoyable. It's one of my earlier snuffs, and 25 years later, I always tend to have a fair amount on hand. Highly recommended.

    Sorry, for posting somewhat of a review in this thread, but he DID ask. :)
  • @zanaspus thanks so much and the review was just what I was looking for
  • Fribourg & Treyer-50g seville, morlaix,
    Toque- 25g quit, sp extra, 10g -blueberry menthol , poschl- 10g- apricot, fc bayern, Alpina 7g redbull ,100g schmalzler sf sudfrucht
  • Just got a tin of Mullins&Westley keen scented and a tin of GH black rappee.
    Never tried rappee snuff before and I'm looking forward to it, love the keen scented and have gone through few of them, one of my all time favourite for sure.
  • 450g of HDT and 450g of Irish #22

    patiently waiting...
  • A good sample size of each-- by the time you finish both you'll be qualified to tell the difference!
  • Afterglow, WOW. Those will be huge tubs. What's the best way to store snuff so that it doesn't go off? I would be scared that tubs would go off.

    I really want to cut back the cigs so I last week I ordered 1 tin 6 Photo Cheetah (+1 tin of 6 Photo Cchap Gul whatever the heck this is), 1 tin F&T Princes, and 3 tins of Oden's Cold Extra Stark.

    Anyone have any experience with the 6 Photo CchapGul or F&T Princes? Never tried these two before.

    Sadly, Mrsnuff was all out of White Elephant and F&T Old Paris and Santo Domingo. They do have the big tub of Santo Domingo but I would be afraid that it would go off. :(((((((((((( So many missing products since I was last snuffing (2.5-3 years ago). Also sad to hear about Chef Dan's passing. I hope Basement Shaman is still around. I know he was ill, too. :((

  • AfterglowAfterglow Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    @Konrad_von_Marburg As long as they stay cool, dry, airtight, and in a dark place they should keep well I would imagine. If they were moist snuffs then it would be a different story altogether.
  • Ahhh, gotcha. So I guess it's a no for the big tub of Santo Domingo. It's coarse and moist. :(
  • AfterglowAfterglow Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    I have a small 25g tube of Santo Domingo and it is really one of those things I have to be in the mood for to be honest... Ive taken a total of 4 pinches in the last 3 months. Im about ready to give it away.
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