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Toque Top 10 Nicotine Products

Has anyone ever gave into any thought about the 10 strongest Toque products? I know you would have the Rustica and USA Whiskey and Honey up there, but maybe @Roderick or someone else from this site can shed some light onto the remaining 8 strongest blends that he sells. 


  • Quit is a good one. Anything that is on the Quit base tobacco should be equal. 
    Just buy a large bag of rustica and add it to any snuff you want that punch,
     Simple ideas are the best. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • For me I don't get much of a rush from Whiskey and Honey. 
  • I'm lucky because I don't have to chase the strongest possible nic hit to enjoy snuff and feel satisfied by it. If necessary I'll just take another pinch, which is hardly a bad thing. However, I will say that from reading this forum, different people seem to get different strength hits from different snuffs. Maybe it's a body chemistry thing.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    @yisrealdov the regular whiskey and honey doesn't, ym the usa whiskey and honey is on a rustica base so that should have more.
  • @Psicko, I was talking about the USA version
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    Oh ok. Thought you were talking about the original.
  • Yisraeldov, Really? I have to sit down when I take it. Then again I have to sit down to take Snus! I dare not tell my wife, she'll call me a wimp! 
    But, I used to smoke the strongest Kazbek cigarettes in my youth. It must be an age thing.
  • @Roderick
    I can take USA W&H just like I would take anything else, no ill effects, no need to sit down, and no increased heart rate. 

    I think it is cause it is so dry and my nose is dry so it takes a while to absorb the nicotine. If I take OSP #1 it gets my nose running and I think that in turn mixes with the tobbaco and lets me absorb the nic. But that's just my theory.
  • AamonAamon Member
    Top Toque nicotine hits for me would be.
    USA Whisky & Honey
    Toque Ambrosia Limited Edition
    Natural Toast
    Lime Toast
    Toast & Marmalade
    SP Extra
    (I do remember USA Lime was a decent kicker, though only had a few pinches from a friends stash)
  • I think for me the natural toast ranks up there in the topper part of the bracket in getting my nicotine right. I think the drier blends do it for me for some reason. Almost all of the moist ones just don't agree with my nose.

    This really has nothing to do with the post but has anyone noticed the difference between the regular whisky and honey and the USA Whiskey and honey flavorwise? I understand the nicotine and Rustica difference but as for flavor with the regular whiskey and honey, all I get is honey notes, whereas the USA blend I get notes of wood, honey, whiskey, and smokiness .
  • Snuffiedoo, That is an almost perfect discription of the flavours we were aiming for in both. I can't fathom why you describe W&HUSA so perfectly and yet W&H is dominated by honey. Most of the reviews I've read of W&H get a smoky Islay whisky note followed by the honey. I wonder if others are finding the honey overpowering?
  • AamonAamon Member
    @Roderick what would be your list of the top 10 highest Toques on Nicotine? Just wondering how far off my list is.
  • Aamon, the only thing I would change is move the Natural to under Natural Toast and keep the same order.
  • @Aamon @Roderick .. I'm suprised the SG Ambrosia is so high .. I get a much bigger nic hit from lime toast and quit .. I find ambrosia quite mild.
  • AamonAamon Member
    @remi1au for me due to the coarse grind of the Ambrosia is more of a slower release of nicotine which lasts longer, I've found through use I should give it a few minutes before taking more pinches. The Toasts have more of a sudden nicotine flash for me though dissipate quicker leading to more pinches over an hour. I tried to gauge my list for the overall nicotine content, everyone is different though.
  • @Roderick - I actually have started to note more of the wood, whiskey, and smokiness in the regular Whisky & Honey snuff after being outdoors. It seems the outdoors really helps open the scents more so it looks like I will be outdoors snuffing all day now ha.

    And can anyone tell me why toasted tobaccos seem to have more of a punch in the nicotine department? I was always under the impression that toasting tobacco takes away the bitterness and some nicotine of tobacco, but my nose and brain tell me different.
  • @Aamon- I love the scents of vanilla and brandy in the Ambrosia, but the coarseness and moistness don't agree with my nose. I usually end up taking huge bumps of it and like you said see the nicotine pick up in a few minutes.
  • I'd rather take multiple pinches of lower strength snuff than a small pinch of super strong =) I think it adds to the experience
  • Markohio3498Markohio3498 Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    I mixed 50/50 SP extra and Quit to smooth out the Bergamot a wee bit and it kicked my butt and I dip Copenhagen all the time with no effect.
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