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Icetool Has a (Possibly) New Mini Can for Snuff

edited February 2018 in Snuff Accessories
I am not sure when they started selling them, and googling snuffhouse icetool mini can did not result in any previous mention here in the two pages plus one single result that returned, so I am letting everyone know about their new dry snuff can.

It looks pretty cool. The solid aluminum construction seems to be the same as the snus cans, and it also has the O-ring that makes it airtight. They come in silver and black.

The Icetool cans for snus always seemed too expensive to justify purchasing one, but for some reason the mini can seems like it could almost be worth it even though it is smaller in size, but the same price as the regular and slim cans when they are sold at places other than the Icetool webstore. However, I did not see them anywhere but the Icetool site, so I guess that is the only price available.

I thought somebody here might like to know these exist. If I decide to take the plunge I will let you all know how it works with snuff.

EDIT: I fixed the link.


  • Nice and sleek. Pricey although I can't see any regret down the road unless you lost it. Free shipping world wide too, I may consider
  • Just spent almost that same amount on a real snuffbox, would've considered buying that one if I knew... Also disappointed they didn't work in a hinge of some kind in lieu of threading, the material looks high quality.
  • edited February 2018 PM
    I would hate losing it too, especially at that price. Just like all my fancy snuff boxes! It seems a bit excessive for a simple design. I would like having it in my pocket, though!

    I also thought about a hinge, but the screw top securing the O ring keeping moist snuff fresh would be nice. If they could do that with a hinged lid, it could be even better. I must say it is nice to have another quality option to choose from.

  • The thing with a screw top is, if you have a fine, drier snuff and it gets on the threads, that thing will be impossible to open. Even tins without threading are impossible to open if just a bit gets between the lid and the can.

    Otherwise, yeah.. It's a very nice design, very sleek and modern. I'm surprised there aren't any members here proficient with metalworking, they could've easily made a killing selling snuffboxes.
  • I bought a 24 pack of 1oz aluminum tins on amazon that work great. They dont get clogged like the Toque tins I think because there are fewr threads. Anyway... Icetool makes nice things but for the price it is kinda out of my budget. Looks cool. though. If it was a little bigger I would consider it.
  • edited February 2018 PM
    I did not even think about the threads getting stuck, that is a good point. They look like fine threads, too, but it is hard to tell from the photo. I have had problems with Toque cans binding up, and even a couple cross threading. I rubbed some wax on them which helped a bit, but it picks up the aluminum that rubs off from the threads sliding against each other. That might actually be aluminum oxide, but whatever it is it mixed with the wax and turned into dark grey flakes and those bound up the threads a bit until they fell out. I decided it was not the greatest idea, but they do not bind up now, or become impossible to unscrew after being torqued down. I probably just used too much wax.

    I really like that the screw tops keep the moisture in, or at least most of it. I was surprised to find the smash boxes work very well for that, and wish I had ordered more. I found another name for them, La Cons cosmetic sample containers. They are on eBay for cheap from China, so I can order them and wait a couple months, or I will wait until my next Mr. Snuff order.

    The ten gran Toque containers are the perfect size to carry a few at a time, but I dent them up quick with all the stuff in my pockets. @Afterglow, were the Amazon tins any more sturdy? I have been looking at them for a while, for both snuff and snus. I got some of the steel models for snus and dipping tobacco, but the inside rusted fairly quickly. I am still looking for a paint or other coating that does not smell even after a few months.

    The Ice Tool can is cool, but I do not like the logo engraved on it. Logos are not something I like in general, though, especially on something I will be looking at in my hand quite often. Repeating the logo four times on the lid is a bit obnoxious.

    The price is also real high for something that should probably cost ten bucks, twenty at the most. It also prohibits me from having a pile of snuffs stored in them with stick-on labels. That was my thinking with the aluminum and steel screw-top cans, you can have them staying fresh while being able to grab whichever you like to carry in your pocket, then refill from the larger tins when they are empty. Thirty five bucks apiece shoots that idea out of the water.

    EDIT (About twenty of them): Man, typing sentences without apostrophes is almost impossible.
  • AfterglowAfterglow Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    Actually the ones I got on amazon are thinner than Toque tins but I think because they arent as rigid they dont bind up when the threads get a little wonky. Ive been using the same tin for my toast for over a month and it has taken a fair amount of abuse in my pocket all day every day with no problems yet. They probably wont work well at all for keeping in moisture for extended lengths of time but they work great for dry snuffs. They are identical in size to Toque 10g tins.
  • edited February 2018 PM
    Thanks for the information. I would not have thought about less rigidity equaling less potential for the threads getting stuck. It would probably also mean I would crush them even faster with all of my pocket loot. Also, I suppose it would only take a few dollars to answer these silly questions of mine, but here I am wasting my time and yours typing about cheap Chinese metal tins.

    The large Touque tins seem to hold moisture well, with their screw tops and foam liners. That is, as long as I only open them not too often to decant into smaller containers. The smaller containers are then opened daily, so any question of stabilizing humidity is moot, so to speak.

    I am amazed at how complicated the storage and transporting of snuff has turned out to be- it is even more finicky than all of the other forms of tobacco I am surrounded with, and it is just powder! Thank god snuff is so damn satisfying, it makes this all worthwhile.

    EDIT: Those darn apostrophes will cause the end of my tenuous hold on sanity, I tell you! Curse them, and all of their special character cousins!

    If anybody realizes that I am just doing it wrong, please inform me of such.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    Hi @Fantastic_Floyd, I don't get the problem with apostrophes.
    I tried it with all input languages I use daily. One of these is English (United States) (keyboard: United States-International), it works fine here.
  • Thanks, I will try to figure it out on my end. This guy is no computer wiz, so it may not go so well. Eventually it will work out fine, no doubt.
  • HDX Kindle, never an issue. Great filters for no pop up crap too.
  • i have one of those icetool snus can and i dont think it would make a good snuffbox. it has a pretty big lip that hangs over the edge of the can and you wont be able to get your fingers along the inside edge. (i have no idea how to get a picture of this to show what i mean because it is solid black) you would have to keep it pretty full all the time cuz you cant pinch it under that lip
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