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Snuff fixing eye problems

i recently noticed since i taken up using snuff for about 3 month now my eyesight is way sharper with glasses and without i can actualy see details i would have never been able to see before ontop i have black/grey streaks that swim on my eyesight that are visible against brighter undetailed views and those almost dissapeared completely from getting worse and worse before.
not completely sure its the snuff but that is the main change that happened to things i consume
anyone with similar experiences ?


  • My eyesight has gotten much worse in the 30 years I have snuffed :p
  • Talking about light, exhaled ammonia blurs my vision and my eyes often turn red after larger pinches of just about any snuff.
  • bobbob Member
    it may have something to with the location of the optic chiasm. Which is where the optic nerves cross over. It's right by the sinuses. So maybe and very speculative maybes here. So maybe it increases blood flow or slightly reduces sinus pressure on the optic nerves. That's my theory because I've noticed a similar thing myself.
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