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Boxcar method working great for dry snuffs

Hey guys
i know every nose is different but for me after trying a lot of things to sniff up some of the really dry english types i found the boxcar method works surprisingly well (forming a cavity with thumb pressed against indexfinger and putting stuff on the nail)
doing this also makes it easy to slightly pinch/press against the nose to control the "flight" of the powder additionaly.
so give this some tries if you are having the same problem


  • it has become my very favorite technique also great to not spill the snuff compared with back off the hand/anatomical snuffbox. somewhat wind-proof. can be securely aimed to nostril less snuff mustaches :D
    looks somewhat civil in public. only drawback is the fingernail of the thumb gets dirty but thats easy to clean

  • Just started giving this method a go and loved it for a change from my usual pinch
  • i have tried the boxcar a few times and i didnt much like it. i just tried the opposite yesterday (moist and course snuff) and it didnt work for me. i cant get a tight enough seal around my nose so it just sits there on my thumb
  • @peacock every nose is different even every nostril i have less problems with the right side of my nose when sniffing very dry snuffs on the left the airflow is too good :D
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