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why i love snuff

JackJack Member
edited March 2009 in General
I've been spending the last week tied up in my apartment waiting to get rid of this cold or flu that's gotten to me.Seeing as smoking would probably turn this into bronchitis or pneumonia i can't smoke so snuff's been the only acceptable source of nicotine.
Anyway , I've gotten to the conclusion that the reason i like snuff so much is the wonderful variety of scents one can experience without changing the scenery too much. We can manipulate our senses all day long to bring back memories and emotions.
Most of the time we listen to music , we sometimes eat certain foods and at times look at pictures , but up untuill recently i've had no way of abusing my olfactory sense , this is were snuff comes in and is probably the main reason i like it so much.
I've just taken a whiff of toque champagne and it reminded me of some events quite some time ago , a party more than 9 years ago in my hometown , it's wonderful. The same way wilsons Royal George reminds me of some old people i know and wilsons raspberry although i don't like it much also reminds me of some parts in my childhood, it kind of smells like chinese menthol paste. Dholakia's Swiss chocolate reminds me of some chocolate i ate as a kid.I'd like to thank all the great snuff manufacturers out there , all the different smells bring back so many memories it's a reason in itself to snuff.
Most of my relatives and friends don't understand why my desk is filled with "so much tobacco you won't use in a lifetime" but each scent , each tin carries it's own value and i have you guys to thank, for helping me discover some of them and for producing them.

Why do you guys keep to snuffing so much ?


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  • oaxacaoaxaca Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    Partly because I love the history, tradition and romance of snuff and partly for your reason; the range of scents are vast, scent is the best way of dredging up memories of the past (see: and its also a great way to make everyday life a little more pleasurable and exotic :D

    edit: Oh yeah and the nicotine lift is rather nice :p
  • For all the reasons stated above, and also that it is so much more sociable than smoking - the amount of people who are interested and will even take a pinch when I'm out and about is incredible.
    It's also a lot more convenient when at work - I don't have to leave my desk and go and shiver outside in the howling wind and rain in order to have a ciggie...
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  • Ritual>>>Burn>>>Scent>>>Relief.

    and then, there are flavors not tried yet.

    oh, oh! and then, there's this wonderful forum. Thank you Alex.
  • oaxacaoaxaca Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    "I use snuff as a personal incense"

    Thats a nice way to put it, lxskllr :)
  • bobbob Member
    because it makes teenage girls think I'am cool! Look at some of my old ass posts to get that refrence :)
  • I'm always amazed at how well people put into words some things I'm not able to. Yes to much of the above, "personal incense" and memories that result from some of the scents, being at the top of my list. Also, being a cigarette smoker in the process of quitting who seems to refuse to give up his nicotine, I certainly can't complain about the cost.

    I also agree with toffeenose, it just seems like a much more social way to enjoy tobacco. I've been able to take snuff whenever and wherever I please without worry.

    Nice thread!!
  • Bob: "because it makes teenage girls think I'am cool!"

    There comes a time in every man's life, that the only way they can impress the girls is by sniffing a powdery tobacco substance up his old nose - and then the impression is usually sympathy - Bob, our time is now... ;^) …ROFL!!!

    Now, back on topic - I love me snuff because I am a true tobacco worm!!! Sniffing Snuff is the only way of enjoying tobacco that I had not tried until about a month ago - and after trying it I must agree with all the other reasons stated above…


    …it REALLY is COOL!!! Sniffing snuff is new to me now and that makes it appealing - new flavors to try, getting ‘pinching’ down just right, figuring out how to use a ‘bullet’, mixing my own, and &c.!!! I think I’ll be sniffing snuff a long, long time, why??! JUST BECAUSE!!!
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  • Yes, Nick Kick, but can you do them all at once?

    I want to see a picture! (and don't forget to dip some nasal snuff too while you're at it -I want to see that brush you made for me in your mouth)

    Also brush your teeth with some Dentobac first!
  • Thinking about it, I may quit using incense because snuff, in all likelihood, is probably less toxic/carcinogenic than breathing in the chemical products of incense combustion.
  • MattMatt Member
    I like the variety and hobby aspect of snuff. When I was smoking cigs I wasn't brand loyal. I would smoke many different varieties. Especially all the different camel flavors. Over time I got into imported cigarettes and ryo. But throughout the smoking experience the addiction to cigarettes tainted an otherwise enjoyable experience. See big brand cigarettes are more addictive to me - eventually I switched exclusively to RYO. Eventually I learned of snuff while browsing the web looking at RYO tobaccos, and then I found snuffhouse!

    To me the nicotine buzz from snuff is level and pleasurable and it doesnt leave me feeling like a fiend if I havent had a pinch in a few hours. Plus the amount of variety and history make it a hobby experience. Something to learn about, something to do, something to collect.

    I'm trying to ween myself off of smoking and I do smoke far less since using snuff. But I still like a roll-up a couple times a day.
  • Because you couldn't have a forum like this about smocking a cig.
  • MattMatt Member
    Too true Snuff Head
  • Today I went to see Watchmen at the pictures. I enjoyed many large pinches of Packards Club during the film. You can't do that with fags.
  • Well, I'm a long time Watchmen fan and I really enjoyed it. It's not as good as I had hoped but certainly not as bad as I had feared. Alan Moore said it was unfilmable, and he's right, but this is as close as anyone is going to get in my opinion and Zack Snyder obviously loves his subject matter. It has it's flaws, for example, the love scene between Nite Owl and the Silk Spectre is awful. The violence is very graphic but, to my mind, not gratuitous. The casting was good with the guy who playing the role of Rorschach being particularly good. Go see it, it's worth your $10.
  • bobbob Member
    cool I know I'am going to have to see it as I think I've read that novel five times.
  • edited March 2009 PM
    I'm thinking of going again. A mate of mine has invited me to see it in Imax. I've got to see that!
  • Well I just watched Wuthering Heights (1940) with a tub of French Carotte...I think it enhanced the experience :p
  • eblipeblip Member
    I am totally addicted to nicotine, and at last i have found a beautiful, interesting way to get it...without actually smoking.
    I am old school and appreciate what the people of old have to offer. I dont know anyone else that uses snuff, and I have tried to swing some of my mates off the cigarettes and onto snuff. It is delicious, and a little friend i always have in my pocket. It brightens up my day, it wakes me up, it gives me my nicotine hit and its a pretty clean tobacco (compared to cigarettes).
    Pleasure is only a pinch away...oh and its cheap as chips.
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    I concur with all the above posts. I love snuff. I'm not ashamed to say it.
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