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What's In Your Nose? #13



  • SWS Field of Junipers
  • edited June 2018 PM
    SWS St James Parish

    @baconpete I think with jars you want to keep them as full as possible, so there's less air in the jar. Maybe put the tin in a zip lock baggie if you don't have small enough jar? Maybe even zip lock and jar.
  • jmahesjmahes Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    SWS Lundy Foot- i think i accidentally just snuffed a gram of this in one go. Jeez it's good!
  • @Stoke_About_Toque Yeah fair enough, I'll figure something out. Thanks
  • Silver Dollar Medicated
  • FUBAR Snafu plain.
  • Just joined up here -- been having Toque Almond Toast, Spanish Gem and some SG Firedance. Still working on technique but slowly getting the hang of it.
  • Toque Almond Toast
  • Ran dry on Toque USA Whiskey and Honey and decided to improvise. Toque Natural Toast cased with Glenlivet and some honey, then re-toasted in the oven. It is not a fair approximation but it's damn good!
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @SammyD13 necessity is the mother of invention eh? :D

    Enjoying the last gram or so of USA Wild Berry here. Last night after snuffing mostly Wild Berry for the day I noticed I wasn't smelling the aroma anymore, just tasting ~salt. So I switched snuffs and it was an aroma explosion. After taking a break, this morning the Berries are all back
  • HDT.
  • ConkConk Member
    Best SP
  • Red Bull.
  • ConkConk Member
  • SWS Lundy Foot
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    6Photo Begum Green
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Toque Peanut Butter with a little Bernard Original F on top
  • edited June 2018 PM
    My own blend of 1 part 6P Kailash to 2 parts WoS Ani Extra.  It's like having Ralph Lauren Polo in your nose.  Divine!
  • Sws latakia blend
  • ConkConk Member
    Wilsons of Sharrow's Mullins & Westley Particular
  • An another home-made concoction consisting of burley flour cased in whiskey and honey along with coffee and chocolate extracts. Most scrumptious with a backdrip divine. Going to make a larger batch tonight but I didn't write down the recipe quantities! That's the price of winging it...
  • W&H USA
  • WoS Best SP
  • Misplaced my toque almond toast - sad day. Had some Spanish Gem and coffee upon waking up.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Toque Peanut Butter followed with SWS Field of Junipers
  • ar47ar47 Member
    And now Toque Champagne!

    The FoJ has an effect with me where my entire nasal system opens up, But the same is of mucus production so if I have quite a bit I end up blowing with a full clean (all wet) of my nose. Quite nice really, and traditionally healthy

    Toque Champagne has a really spot on aroma to me, really for Champagne spilt in the carpet :D I thought my PB + FoJ smelt a bit barnyard so I brought Champagne from the Tupperware. They really all pair well together
  • SWS Lundy Foot, to me it seems like this has more nicotine then USA W&H. Love them both though.
  • Toque Whiskey & Honey (UK)
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Toque Coke mixed with a little SD Cherry
  • Toque USA Whiskey & Honey
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