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Good shop:

I tried to order some snuff from and three times my credit card verification failed. I suspect I know what the reason is and it is almost certainly on my end. Bottom line I could not buy from this shop. On the third try, in desperation, I filled in the special instructions section or whatever just noting that I was not able to buy from the shop.

Next thing you know I get an email from the store owner expressing concern and offering to help me with the payment manually.

I placed my order and it was shipped immediately. It was even postmarked the same day.

Even though it was packed and shipped correctly and immediately it took a month to arrive because of the post over here. I got a claim check in the mail box yesterday two weeks after the package was misrouted by the local post to the main post office in our city, far from my house. I also got a second notice at the same time I got the two week old notice!

I got my package this morning. The snuff was packed carefully to prevent damage and the order was filled correctly.

Big two thumbs up for Jamie of going the extra mile. I feel like my business was important to even though I didn't order 100 UKP of snuff. I was treated like a valued customer. You can bet this shop is on my short list of places to patronize when it comes to snuff.


  • Thumbs up from me too.  I didn't have any payment or delayed delivery issues, but did find significant price savings when ordering from   Their selection is not as wide as Mr S, but the service level is definitely on par.
  • I felt the prices were very fair and the service was great. But I have been trying to get in touch with them since Thursday morning and haven't heard back so I have no idea what's going on. Is the shop on vacation or does anybody know what's up?
  • Anybody heard from in the last week? Been a week since my emails and no answer yet.
  • I havet the same issue...
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Service was good maybe 6 weeks ago, have not engaged since
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    Bought snuff from Jamie four times, superior service. Same day shipping, all parcels come on the 5th day (Europe), which I consider extra fast. Snuff prices go up and down, whereas shipping is a bit higher than at Snuffstore and Toque.

    This shop carries British and German snuffs. If you are looking for large tins of WoS Dr. Rumney's line (Brown, Green and Blue), eager to try ultra strong V2 Thunder snuffs and/or curious about Jamie's own Jaxon's range, that's the right place.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @volunge great thanks now I have to place another order to try Jamie's snuff :P
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    @ar47 Jaxons is contract snuff line, made for Jamie by McChrystal's or WoS.

    I've tried only two Jaxons snuffs - SP Premium and Frosted Red. The former is unique plain unscented snuff with higher than medium nicotine. It's light brown and finely ground (similar to WoS Natural/Tom Buck), but somewhat lighter in colour and stronger.
    Frosted Red is cherry flavoured slightly mentholated snuff on a different, darker tobacco base and milder on nicotine (same grind, though). I found this darker base very nice and wish Jamie released it plain unscented (just like his SP Premium). Now for the funny part, I was sure Red stands for strawberries (the same story was with McChrystal's Sunset, which is actually.. peach or apricot). I'm really bad at telling fruit aromas, even artificial from natural, but sweet fruity scent is really strong there. I am far from being a big fan of fruit scents (got FR as a gift), but it grew on me fairly fast.

    According to original descriptions, there are four different Jaxons snuff bases, all described as 'finely ground':

    Light brown: 1869, Alpine V, Club Special, Dukes Brown, Queen's Special and SP Premium (I guess the latter is used as a base snuff for the former five).
    Brown: English Gold, Golden Roast.
    Dark: Frosted Apri, Frosted Red, Frosted Ripple.
    Dark brown: Extra Strong.

    It would be interesting to compare these snuffs base-wise. Say, If I were too bored and looking for adventures, I would go for Dukes Brown, Golden Roast, Frosted Ripple and Extra Strong.
    And maybe add another tin of SP Premium.

    NB: All four bases are defined as SP (see original descriptions below every snuff at It supports my hypothesis that SP stands for salt and potash (any alkalizer/-s, not limiting to single K2CO3, actually). Is there a 'proper' citrussy (or bergamot scented) SP among them Jaxons, I don't know. At least not in the destriptions, if any.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Has anybody else been having problems purchasing internationally from lately? Their pay service keeps denying my card, but my bank says the card is fine and the issue is on the other end.
  • Never had a problem
    Jamie is a great person he is kind and helps youwith everyrhing

    @SammyD13 try to contact him by mail and you will be fine
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