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 Coming soon... Still Going?

Does anyone know if the site is still trading? They've got a couple of wooden boxes I don't seem to be able to find elsewhere, but I've got excited before about a site having things others don't only to be told that it's a 'ghost site'


  • On the bottom of their homepage it says,    Copyright 2018.   So that should give you some hope.

    At the top right there is a contact button to email them.

    Email them and let us all know how you got on.


  • Mr Snuff hits the credit card as Snuffboxesetc
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    ignore snuffboxesetc. long story
  • @MrSnuff So I can access the site but I can't order from it? And the same goes for but is ok?

    I don't understand why they're still live sites if we can't order from them
  • @Bizzle    @MrSnuff

    It is rather intriguing. 

    Is it a clearing house for some political slush fund?    A money laundering site for the Mafia?  
    Or something completely boring?

    The British Intelligence Service used to pay out backhanders and agents using the National Premium Bonds. 
     Any wadge of cash that had to be paid out to some one, was sent to them as a prize winning cheque from the Premium Bonds.  No questions asked by the cashier  when it was presented at your bank, apart from "You are very lucky."

    For people that have never heard of Premium Bonds, you deposit a few pounds in the UK Government bank, but get no interest paid on it.  What you do get is a chance to win a million pounds once a month, and several smaller prizes.  The good thing is you do not lose your stake and can have it back anytime you want.


  • I think it is a dummy site used to test updates and such.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    More related sites:,,,,, (incomplete list).
  • @n9inchnails

    If it is a dummy site I should be perfectly at home here.

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