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Ordering from mr. snuff (bulk)

Marc1000Marc1000 Member
edited November 2018 in General
I placed a huge bulk order from mr snuff.spent about $400.I received some at different times.I was waiting for my remaining 3 tubs of 450 gm old paris and 2 high dry toast. i used online chat about 3 times. first time told me customer service was going to call,never did.than the third time customer service called.said nothing about my $127 snuff that never got to me. said i was a loyal customer and offered a discount if i order again.yeah ,im sure they would not give me a discount large enough to compensate my $127 that was lost. So needless to say i will not be using them any longer. I was a good customer that always spent a lot.I just want to warn others not to take a chance with bulk orders from them,because this may happen to you and you may not receive any large amount that was spent.


  • sadly it's the only way to get Wilson in Bulk in some places. They used to have a note about how wonky the wait times would be if you ordered bulk and that it can get split Bulk also is way more likely to get thee old customs treatment too. So I bet you're going to receive the rest of the order but...... 
  • Paging @Amanda

    Can you get some clear and up to date information for Marc please?
  • Are you in the US? They have phone support during business hours. PM me if you don't have the number
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    @Marc1000 I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    I am sure @Amanda will be on soon and sort this out. I will ensure she knows of this.

    Regardless, rest assured you have now brought it to my attention and I will find out how the ball was dropped and make sure you get your snuff.

    My suspicion is that during the transition to our new warehouse your order, or at least part of it, fell through the cracks. 

  • @Marc1000 Hi Marc, I am really very sorry for this trouble and will assure you that you will not miss out on any of your ordered bulk snuffs from us.

    Please just let me know what are the items you have not received yet and I will arrange a re-delivery for the same as soon as possible.

    Regarding not getting the drums you ordered, as Dave (our boss) mentioned above, it might have fallen through the cracks during the transition of our new warehouse.

    However, I really apologize for this trouble and will sort this out as soon as I get your reply from you on the missing items of your snuff.

    Looking forward to your reply to this.

    Mr Snuff Customer Relations
  • thanks pm sent
  • @ar47 thanks but i had talked to customer service over the phone-did not help at all.i hate posting what happened on this site but it was my last effort.and from being on this site i was hoping something would be thanks to @dave and @amanda for your help with this..marc
  • You're always welcome @Marc1000
  • Hello @Marc1000, Thank you for letting me know about the missing items from your order.

    I have noted the same down to my system and have already forwarded this to the concerned desk for processing. Our customer service team will be in contact with you on the status of this order.

    I hope you will allow us sometime to order these drums of snuff and to ship it back to you. We will need to order this from the manufacturer itself, to give you the freshest quality and this might take a little longer than usual. I hope you understand this.

    Mr Snuff Customer Relations
  • thanks @amanda. As long as i get my order in full sometime, i understand it will take longer from manufacturer.i am willing to wait.thanks,marc
  • i just got an order for one 450g tub of F&T HDT with no problems. it took a long time but i had enough to last me until i got it. i ordered it on the 3rd of last month and got it on the 21st of this month if that helps. i had it delivered to California

  • @Amanda, I received the rest of my snuff about 2 weeks ago. I am glad that you were able to help me with my missing snuff.It came within a month. I will keep ordering snuff from your company since this order was resolved. Thanks again amanda and dave for your help! kindly,marc
  • it's not if a company has issues as much as how well they resolve those issues. 
  • Is mr snuff/ snuff store a reliable place to order from? I'm looking to make an order and I'm between them and toque which I've ordered from in the past with excellent results
  • yes they are all reliable. They can all have issues as there are aspects outside of their control.
  • I've never had a problem with ordering from them.
  • I've recently used Mr snuff and am satisfied. I even got a little freebie sampler of some oliver twist in my bag! I will use both suppliers since I like a variety of snuff and the don't carry the same products.
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