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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

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  • @Bizzle looks like MrSnuff found some more old SG stock and there are *16* Firedance 25gs up there now! After airing mine out a bit I'm a fan - thanks for the tip!
  • 20180914_202712
  • @ar47 Thanks for the heads up! Think I'll leave them for others, having two and a half tins and buying more seems greedy
  • After a solid 2 year snuff drought Brusseler
    Berliner Luft
    Roter Kaschube
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    Took another trip to Mr Snuff <:-P
    I was happy to find they restocked several of the 25g Samuel Gawith tins, including Celtic Talisman.

    New to me:
    6 Photo M.G Madras 8g
    6 Photo Cheeta Chhap Gul 25g
    Dean Swift Extra Menthol 5g
    Dholakia Sandalwood 25g
    Dholakia Irish Coffee 25g
    Dholakia Swiss Chocolate 250g (only size they had, but it's finally available)
    McChrystal's S.P 8.75g
    Poschl Karibik Prise 10g
    Poschl Gluck Auf Prise 10g
    Poschl Mix-Snuff 10g Sachet
    Poschl Red Bull Aromatic 10g Sachet
    Poschl Schmalzler D Doppelaroma 100g
    Samuel Gawith Mentholene 25g
    Samuel Gawith Dr.Verey Plus 25g
    Samuel Gawith Gin & Tonic 25g
    Samuel Gawith Madagascan 25g
    Toque USA Black Cherry 10g
    Toque Blueberry Menthol 10g
    Toque Menthol 10g
    Toque Raspberry Menthol 10g
    Wilsons Best Dark 5
    Wilsons Dynamite 5g
    Wilsons Grove 5g
    Wilsons Irish No. 22 5g
    2 x Wilsons Cola 5g
    Viking Blonde 25g

    6 x Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g (for him)
    6 x Poschl Gawith Apricot 10g (for her)
    Poschl Alpina 10g
    Poschl Radford Premium 10g
    3 x Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman 25g (have only had in tapbox)
    2 x (Toque) Silver Dollar Apricot 5g
    Wilsons Royal George 10g

    I think I'll be able to take a break from buying snuff at that point :-j
  • jholenjholen Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    Nice restock.

    @Stoveburn first time ordering Rosinski? I think you'll be quite pleased with his offerings.
  • Mr Snuff order with @ar47. Trying Viking and Porchl for the first time!

    Snuffstore Cafe Noire x 2
    VikingThors Hammer 25g x 1
    SWS Mull of Oa 15g x 1
    Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g x 1
    Bernard Klostermischung 10g x 1
    Bernard Regensburger 10g x 1
    Porchl Lowenprise 10g x 1
  • @jholen yeah it is, after reading everything on their site, I had to make some hard choices lol. Mighty fine containers as well
  • Small order this time, but I'm branching out from scotches, delicious though they are:

    1 x NTSU Black 15g
    1 x Viking Brown 25g
    1 x Poschl Ozona President 7g

    Also, threw in a tin of Siberia -80 degrees white dry portion 13g...because I like nicotine.
  • 50gms Toque Raspberry Menthol. 25gms F&T Old Paris. 25gms F&T Santo Domingo. Got an email from @Roderick today saying my order was sent back to them by the department of homeland security. WYD. He reshipped today. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come.
  • 100 g Toque Ambrosia, 100 g SP Extra, and I got 2 different Toques that I had never tried, USA Wild Berry and Toque Cherry.
  • Does anyone know why Toque stopped selling USA whiskey and honey in bulk?
  • @BobFrapples there are 2 potential reasons:
    1) rustica shortage
    2) website issues

    #2 has been going on the last few weeks with the problem almost completely remediated but maybe it artificially hid the availability of USA W&h
    #1 was an issue over the summer but I believe not in effect any longer
  • Excuse me while I post my latest order arrival: (MrSnuff)


    See you all at the next AA meeting for Snuffers!   <:-P
  • i shouldn't have ordered it being so close to the end of the month but i had to order a 150g tub of white elephant while mrsnuff had them in stock. i've been waiting for the big tubs for a long time so i couldn't pass it up!
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    I wanted one of those big White Elephant too , but I don't take enough white to really justify the considerable outlay

    2 x 100g of six photo MG Madras ...Just about destroyed a big pot of this already and not showing any signs of getting bored of it .
    2 x 10g Dholakia White .
    1 x 10g Dholakia Madras Toast
    1 x 10g Dholakia Aniseed ....pointless impulse buy because it was pennies on sale.

    It was a bit of a dumb order on my part , I should have got a pot of the famous Swiss chocolate and a sachet of the new makla but |I weren't paying attention 
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    2 days door-to-door on my UK order . 

    Got enough MG Madras now to last me a few months ...I may buy a bit more in case of supply issues down the road .
     Got about 90g of various unscented whites in the stash now : that ll last me a year or so .

    I'll have to eat my words about my 'pointless impulse buy' because the Dholakia Aniseed menthol is really quite good . :D Mine has a clean cool aniseed scent ; pretty pungent but 'clean' . This don't smell like old stock either , so I m not quite sure why it's been marked down so low . 

    Anyhow , I can see filling me snout with this one occasionally when I ve got Offroad Licorice in my snus rotation .


  • i got my 150g tub of white elephant in record breaking time!  i got it in 7 days! normally it takes 2 weeks to get to Arizona. i hope this is a result of mr snuffs recent move and can expect this from now on 
  • @peacock Mine was sent back by department of homeland security. Reshipped 2 weeks ago and still not here. Getting frustrated.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    @Pikey How fine is Dholakia Aniseed Menthol? Sparrow-fine, or coarser? And what is it like nicotine-wise in comparison with 6 Photo Krishan Sudama?
  • Quite fine but well oiled. 
    I couldn't comment about the nicotine at the moment . It definitely gave me a lift but I m taking 4gs of madras a day recently and it swamps my senses ;)
  • 5 tins Fire and Ice. 2 tins x 100 grams of MG Madras, 1 * 200 grams super Kailash, 2 X 50 Motia
  • @RS422 hmm toque and mr snuff ship out of the same place now don't they? Where does it ship from anyways? homeland security will search more packages from countries they don't "trust". i know its messed up but thats homeland security for you. 

    it also might have been just a random search. i can imagine they search a certain amount of packages and you were the unlucky one.

  • @peacock The Isle of Man.
  • I can confirm my last MrSnuff order came from Isle of Mann. And the Toque was as fresh as from Toque

    Maybe it's the destination not the source that's giving the inspectors pause ;)
  • 2 rolls of NTSU from the South African store, who, by the way will ship to the USA.
  • @ar47 My order from Toque was sent back a second time by department of homeland security. This time it was opened.
  • DeVilleDeVille Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    My latest order (Mr snuff) was made sept. 14 and still hasn't arrived yet. I hope it gets here this week so I have some fresh variety to sample for moose season.
  • @RS422 roughly how many total grams were in the order?
  • @SammyD13 100gms. 50gms loose raspberry menthol. 2 25gm granny cans of F& T. Never had a problem in the past getting it here in Arizona.
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