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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Some more MG Madras - damn @Pikey - this is strong! I have read recently you've really developed a liking for this one, and I can see why. I had a bad cold for a week so wasn't snuffing much, and now my nose needs to be accustomed again. It's funny how soon my nose feels like a fresher just starting out if I've given up on snuffing just for a few days.
  •  @Bizzle  how is the buzz bubblegum? 

     I'm taking a bit of my old standby Navy Plain.
  • Taxi Red
  • Buzz Bubblegum from @ar47 - thanks! I love this snuff. I was expecting something overly sweet, but the flavor is old-fashioned bubblegum with a nice tobacco base. Qualifies as an all-day snuff IMO

  • Thor's Hammer and some dark, black coffee for after lunch.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    Enjoying @SammyD13 's Honey No.7 . It's like an American Schmalzler
  • A 1:1 blend of 41P Himtaj Golden and 6P Cheeta. Was running out of the former and am still noobish enough to have the later by itself. The Cheeta's definitely killed Himtaj Golden's aroma to some extent but this blend sure is good practice as I try experimenting with fine & dry snuffs. There is no immediate backdrip but some of it eventually does find its way to my throat. Which then leads to a bit of a sore throat. It's gone the next morning though.
  • Neftobak.
  • WoS Crumbs of Comfort
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Starting the morning strong with J&H W's Med 99 and Taxi Red
  • I'm doing Sir Walter Scott's Latakia Blend. 
  • Cafe Noire

  • Superior Scotch and lots of coffee ... morning all!  :)

  • Toque Ambrosia / Rustica mix

  • 6P Motia.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    5 ps of Taxi Red and 1p of J&HW 99
  • Packards Club followed quickly by Toque USA W and H. Flavor blast
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman
  • ar47ar47 Member
    McChrystals SP. I'd pair it up with SP100. Nice, simple, fine, dry. Nothing more than you'd expect
  • F&T Carotte. I've read where some say this might not be a good snuff for all day. But I've gotta tell ya, I really like this stuff. The floral is very nice. And I'm a big burly
  • Toque Spanish Gem
  • Abraxas Cerise
  • chrischris Member
    Poschl Gawith Apricot
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Toque Blueberry Menthol
  • F&T Seville
  • Toque Natural Toast, my steadfast friend
  • F&T French Carotte
  • SG Irish D. Running low on this lovely toast.
  • Samuel Gawith ~ Coffee & SG Extra
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Take a guess ... Packard's Club!
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