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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

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  • General Extra Strong loose
  • Chimo just got a new order in yesterday 60 tins so I will be a happy camper for a month or better anyway , G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Ettan loose
  • General Extra Strong Loose
  • Chimo
  • Chimo
  • Copenhagen
  • 6P Fire & Ice. Am getting Begum Chhap and Chetak Chhap with next order. Any other Indian snus or makla you guys would recommend, other than Chaini Khaini?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @bolbam420 As far as I understand, 6P Cheeta Chhap Gul is intended primarily for dental usage. Haven't tried rubbing it into my gums, but my brother used some that way and was pleased. I enjoyed it as any other dry and fine strong nasal snuff. It's plain and not as dusty as Indian white snuffs.

    6P tapkir Krishan Sudama could be used orally as well. Same goes for both Dholakia Sparrows, Kamal and Manjul ( , )

    As some folks here suspect, this oral tobacco product is made by 6P, too: The mark-up is severe, though. I would advice contacting 6P regarding similar products.
  • @volunge In India, when it says gul, it's meant to be used as a dentifrice only. You could still use it as a nasal snuff though. Krishan Sudama tapkir, Dholakia Sparrows, Kamal & Manjul are all powders. I was looking for something on the lines of Fire & Ice, which is very moist. And I believe so are Begum Chhap and Chetak Chhap.

    As regards Afghan Black, it says its made in Afghanistan, so I dont know how 6P comes into the picture. But yes, it would be a good idea to check with Six Photo for similar products.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @bolbam420 regarding the origin of Afghan Black (and Afghan White), please scroll through this thread: (all three pages).
    If my memory serves me right, both (or at least one of them) were listed as 6P snuffs at when they first appeared there. Moreover, initially label did indicate "Made for Afghanistan", not "Made in Afghanistan". And I'm quite sure 6P guys are capable to produce naswar (scroll down for 6P post in this thread: ; it takes just a single step of adding some water to such snuff powder to turn it into naswar).

    Just some thoughts.
  • @volunge This was very helpful, thank you. I guess Six Photo has everything I need! I will be checking out the Afghan snuffs.
  • Islay Whisky Loose Snus
  • Oden's Extreme loose
  • Snuffstore sent me some Oliver Twist samples. They taste good and are convenient when I'm driving around or at the kids sports. Price is the only problem but I might get some when I have a few spare dollars.
  • Oden's Extreme loose
  • Thunder Frosted
  • Neftobak (the mighty back drip).
  • Thunder Frosted loose
  • 6P Fire and Ice
  • Islay Whisky loose
  • Homemade pouches with rustica and ginseng. I quit chew and dip but make an exception when extended social entanglements make snuffing difficult.
  • 6Photo Fire & Ice
  • I'll join you @perique. 6P Fire and Ice. How do you use this. Do you swallow the saliva?
  • Ettan loose for the last week and a half or so (these cans last me for-bloody-ever), with some General mint thrown in here and there for variety. Not entirely sure what I'm gonna crack next. Maybe Islay Whisky loose, maybe Granit loose, maybe Anglaholm white portion. It's anyone's guess at this point.
  • @newbiesnuffer

    I do swallow it most of the time.  I've got a cast iron gut.  
  • 6P Fire & Ice
  • @perique @newbiesnuffer I usually use Fire & Ice in the upper lip/gum for about 30 mins or so and spit it out gradually, with the saliva. There is only a slight burning sensation initially and I dont even notice F&P later. Thing is I hardly notice the nicotine. It is there but not very much. I dont think I have high tolerance levels. e.g. a single stick of Marlboro Red would have satisfied my nicotine craving for a good two hours. I dont use snuff more than 6 or 7 times in a day (similar to the number of cigs I had earlier). I usually take a pea-size bit of F&P only when I'm having it. Dont know whether I should be having more of it or allow it to stay in my mouth for longer. Also, the F&P tin wasnt in very good shape when I got my package. It was closed but not airtight which led to some of it spilling out of the can. 
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Natural
  • cope  wintergreen
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