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How long would your stash last ...?



  • One good thing for me is that Old Mill is a day's drive ( if the Telegraph ever went down )
    Seriously, enjoy it while you can and save some for later.
  • Started snuffing in Nov' 2015 and since then I've purchased 20 10g tins of Toque, a 50g bag of rustica, a 25g tin of Viking Dark, a 35g tin of 41P WE and maybe ten other small tins of various others - all for peanuts here in the UK and postage so cheap it's not worth factoring into the cost. I'm maybe halfway through that lot so there'll still be some left come Christmas, though no doubt I'll have bought plenty more to add to my stash by then. All this parsimony is great fun!
  • I don't have a big stash, but it could last me a decent while. I started snuffing because I usually smoke a pipe and I didn't want to go outside in the middle of the night in winter to smoke a pipe bowl for 10-30 minutes in the freezing cold. I have 3 tins of various 5g silver dollar snuffs, we garrett sweet snuff 1.15oz, 10gm of poschls gletscher prise and gawith apricot. I'm not going through these too quickly. Some days I do several pinches(more than 10), others none.
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited April 2016 PM
    A couple years at least. Like four or five. And I haven't been snuffing even a year yet.
  • @Tobe how many gram or kilo do you have ? Than I know where I will end up ....
  • TobeTobe Member
    @Marielle32 I have no idea how many grams I have, but I have all manner of 5 and 8g tap boxes, 30 and 45g tins, and now a few 50g bags... I just ordered stuff to try it and threw in a potluck or three and reorder what I liked. Now I've got more snuff than I really need, but there's still tons I haven't tried so I'll be ordering more!
  • This is actually difficult to work out. At present, in tins alone, im set for ~1 year only, maybe. Now considering all the other tobacco products i have on hand, consumption rates(and how that would change if i could never again purchase it) i could probably grind up the pipe tobacco and extend the reserves to 1.5 years, so its really not enough comparatively speaking and im alarmed with how underprepared i am!
  • Almost two years, a little over two years if I add in things I don't like at the moment.

    I hit a $ bump, too. It's put my pipe tobacco hoarding on hold, and I had planned both a MrSnuff order for favorites and samples, and direct order to Toque for a few bulk favorites and maybe some rustica and TUSA W&H.

    I have a lot of snuff, I guess. I need a lot more snuff, for sure. When in history has the average person bought more tobacco than they would use "fresh?" I could convert a lot of my tobacco to snuff and make my cellar last for decades if the axe falls soon.
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    I had some downtime, so since I keep a list of what I buy and in what quantities, I decided to add it all up. Turns out that I was right on with my original estimate, though I was WAY off with my personal estimate of the range of snuffs I had in my collection.

    Since August 13th of last year, I've accumulated 109 different snuffs totalling 3,597.9 grams. That's enough based on my present usage to last me at least five years (though this doesn't include what I've already got coming in the mail or the large order I'm currently putting together).
  • As of now, 6 months. But I intend to stock more up. 
  • I've got about 6-12 months of snuff on hand. It's time to do some serious stocking up.
  • Since my last post on this thread, my stash has increased quite a bit. I've added bulk Grand Cairo and SP Scotch, as well as snaffling up 20 cans of discontinued SGs which were on clearance. On top of this, I've also picked up a load of miscellaneous snuffs in smaller quantities (one or two tins). Obviously I've been keeping my nose fed as well, but this is still a net increase and I think it puts me somewhere between 7 and 8 kilos.

    I have "changed focus" with my snuffing lately too. I'm not chasing more bulk, nor am I chasing new flavours. I am simply working my way through snuffs that are already open, as I have far too many tins in play at the moment. I'm not banning myself from buying more snuff, but buy less than my consumption rate, and keep new purchases sealed till I reduce the number of tins in play.
  • I think I'm good for about 4 years. I could be wrong...and I seem to be a shop-o-holic whenever I go to a snuff website. I have an incredible collection of every snuff I like, and an equally large amount of snuff I just collected over the years on the 1943 one pound tin of Gallagher's Irish, which, by the way, is still good, and travelled from Belfast(I think) to Australia during WWII, then sat unopened until I bought it from an old guy down under. Same goes for American Scotches, of which I have almost every conceivable type in old, rusty tins, mostly. Ran off topic there a bit, but still, I can't see me ever running out of snuff...
  • Good snuff is so rare here that my friends usually buy all of my order from me a week after I get it.

    I usually have to hide a tin for my self.

    That being said, the bullets are pretty safe, no one knows what to do with them.
  • I would say I have a 1-3 month supply very hard to judge.
  • The rest of my life easily, but I will buy odds & ends here & there, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • I use approximately a gram of snuff a day, so I have roughly three years of snuff on hand.

    I know!!! It's not nearly enough.

    That being said I have about ten years worth of my favorite pipe tobacco ( straight VA's) and another ten years worth of other pipe tobacco's I like. 

    I also have close to eight hundred cigars, and at a rate of one to two cigars a month that is good for thirty three to sixty six years.

    I also have thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds in two calibers I use, plus about a thousand each 20ga and 12ga shells.

    My wife used to tease me and tell me I was a "hoarder". I told her the price of ammo and tobacco will NEVER go down, nor will there ever be less legislation.  Only higher costs and less availability.

  • @moemojo were you on that doomsday preppers show? :P  
    Sorry couldnt resist  
  • I have around 3kg  or 6  1/4  lb. hoarded,    Includes a good assortment of F&T and the rest mainly in plain and medicated.  I am not into fruit and other food snuffs.  

    Need to check myself and use up the numerous opened tins before I start buying anymore different flavours.  I have an awful  collectors compulsion to buy and hoard more, just in case the whole snuff business goes tits up.

  • I think I have 400 tins, plus 5+ pounds of bulk stuff.  I should be good for about 100 years.
  • ?@ my consumption rate, probably two lifetimes but still manage to acquire more and more.
  • I have about a kilo. Don't use more than 10g a day (probably more like 5) so in theory 3-6 months. Having said that, don't have all the snuff I like at moment so having to exercise self control not to order more.
  • I think I need to revise my usage down ... again :-? I opened a fresh 10g tin of Toque Chocolate four days ago, its the only snuff I have used in those four days, and I have barely made a dent in it.


    This is a BIG reduction in what I use, and has got to be less than 1/2 a gram a day, and with 3 or 4 months off a year for seasonal intolerance, that's probably a usage of about 100g to 150g a year. I currently have about 7kg of the stuff :-O

    I used to get through 1 or 2g per day, and would expect to use a 10g tin in under a week, easily. That would have put my stash at well over a decades worth of stock, and now I am using maybe a quarter of that! I don't have that many years left. Maybe my intake will pick up again over the winter months, that does happen sometimes, but it seems that I may already own all the snuff I will ever consume. I'm having trouble getting my head around that.
  • Another old thread bumped and this is an interesting one!

    I think I got around 250 grams from my last order that was with 6 Photo. That definitely would last me a year. And after last weekend's meet with @newbiesnuffer, I think I now have atleast a couple more years worth snuff on me!
  • I'm 56. As long as I don't live past 100 I should be ok. Of course I'll still probably buy more.
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    The pleasure was all mine to share and make you a hoarder like I @bolbam420 ! :) From the last update I think my stash will now last at least 3 years or little more than that.
  • I'd probably max out at a kilo per year, possibly coming in more around 750g. My intake is extremely variable, usually based on how much I'm working from home vs the road.

    So I believe I have well over a year's worth. I like the idea of stocking up to insulate a bit from price changes and snuffs becoming unavailable. I also don't want to leave my dream snuff out there undiscovered!
  • @ar47 I found my favourite snuff quite early, then bought several kilos of other stuff making sure that there wasn't anything I preferred more 8-| Not that I mind really, as I did find a heck of a lot of other enjoyable snuffs along the way. Will I buy more snuff? Well, while I have enough snuff for the rest of my life, not enough of that is Berwick Brown, Grand Cairo, Santa Domingo or Mild Lemon ... and I'll probably need to top up on some other Toque flavours I tend to only get in 10g tins at some point too ;)

    Your rate of consumption is roughly what I was doing when I was shopping like a maniac, buying at around 4x the rate I was using it. To be honest, there's very little of that 7kg that I regret buying, as it was all at the right price when I got it. It also means that when I take my last pinch, whenever that may be, it will be one of several enjoyable options at my disposal, and not just me having to settle for whatever barely tolerable snuff happens to be left after I've used all the good stuff :D (assuming it doesn't spoil in storage of course). However, if I was able to turn back the clock and start again with snuffs that are now lost, I'd probably get higher quantities of fewer snuffs, rather than some bulk and the rest being a wild assortment.

    @Zanaspus You're about 10 years ahead of me, but I doubt I'll reach mid 80s which is when I'm currently due to run short. However, even if I did last that long, I somehow expect to have even more snuff then than I do now...
  • 11 days after opening, and still not using any other snuff, that same 10g tin of Toque Chocolate is now about half full.


    I guess that puts me about 0.5g per day, which surprises me, as while I haven't been gorging on the stuff, I haven't exactly neglected it either. I think my usage has actually creeped up a little while I've had this tin on the go, so my default setting might be on around a third to a quarter of a gram.

    I must say, while I've had this tin in my stash a fair while, this is my first in of Toque Chocolate, but I don't think it will be my last ;)
  • Im sitting on well over 2kg between USA W&H, HDT, #22, and schmaltzlers alone. 5-6 years Im guessing.
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