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Whatcha Chewin, Dippin, Snussin?



  • General Extra Strong los
  • Oden's Extreme portion
  • Tough guy orange. Reallly moist dip, flavour reminds me alot of thunder cool orange.

    First time trying and its a winner in my books
  • Like a little kid i cracked another can, tough guy it
  • 6 Photo Fire & Ice
  • Tough guy lemon again. If you like dip give this stuff a try
  • Snused Islay Whisky los for about a week, now using Lundgren's Skane vit. Thinking Granit loose next, maybe.
  • Thunder Frosted
  • NTSU Black in the lip
  • 6P Fire and Ice
  • Skruf super white#3.

    Not to shabby for a tobacco free mint snus. Has a nice tingle in the lip and feels great
  • Thunder Original (red) loose
  • @Codyg140 I've been using the very similar General G.4 blue mint. It's nice for out and about, super tidy with a crisp enough mint sting. Even when I spit a portion in the trash, people just think its chewing gum. However, using it all day makes me come home and crave something a little more flavorful, messy, and generally gritty.

    Like, Copenhagen Long Cut, which is what dipping right now.
  • Stockers FC Natural from bulk tub. @ $11.75 I try and always have good stock of this one and LC Wintergreen.
  • 6 Photo Fire & Ice
  • Copenhagen
  • Fire and ice
  • Thunder Frosted
  • General extra strong loose
  • ManxSnuffManxSnuff Member, Administrator
    edited November 2018 PM
    Have any of you guys tried Odens or Siberia? 

    I work in a warehouse for MS but we're also the UK distributor for Odens and Siberia and we can ship them worldwide :)

    If anyone has any special flavour requests message me! I'll see what I can do ;)
  • I smoke and I find that snus packets are the only thing that really help me cut back on my smoking. I really like the Oden's products, have not yet tried any Siberia.
  • Oden's and Siberis snus are great. Also a fan of their Clove Explosion line, I'm enjoying a white portion now. It reminds me of a xmas ham in a weird but good way
  • At this present time I am enjoying some Elmo's with a layer of Firedance (just got some Firedance last shipment) with a General Wintergreen Snus.
  • Odens
  • 6 Photo Fire and Ice. I don't normally use anything that isn't snuff, but I'm really happy I pulled the trigger on this one. 
  • Currently chewing Skoal Spearmint

    I used to dismiss chewing tobacco but my time in the military may or may not have influenced me to pick it up :))
  • Gawith Hoggarth Black Bogie twist. This ain't no Oliver!

    So dark, smokey, and bitter, it's amazing! The taste is weirdly familiar, but I cant quite put my finger on it...

    Maybe just a recently smothered campfire?
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @Shavasas is that used for both chewing and pipe smoking?
  • G&H Black Bogie Twist
  • Fire & Ice
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