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  • ManxSnuffManxSnuff Member, Administrator
    Hey guys, our MrSnuff website guy has taken down the specials off the site and is going to be starting fresh with a new set of offers.

    Does anyone have anything they would like to see on a special offer?! Let me know!

    I will put it to the boss and see what I can do :) 
  • @ManxSnuff yeah we are all looking to order Toque Simpson line, can you add it to the site with a discount? :D
  • ShavasanaShavasana Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    @SammyD13 it's billed as dual use for smoking and chewing, but I havent tried to smoke it. I'm pretty done with smoking my tobacco these days, tho I love to be in proximity to someone enjoying a fine cigar or pipe (gimmie that 2nd hand! ) :)). The flavor of the black bogie when chewed is quite dark, strong, and smokey, without a hint of sweetness, so I imagine it would make a nice pipeful
  • Brown Bogie discs
  • Mail Pouch loose leaf chew. The only other loose leaf I've tried was Red Man Silver Blend, but after taking a road trip to West Virgina in October and counting no less than 5 Mail Pouch barn ads, I had to give this one a shot.

    It's much drier than Red Man, but like any oral tobacco it doesn't really stay that way. The flavor is still that raisin type that expected, but without the sweetness of Silver Blend. Fruity, bitter, and a little smokey. Not bad. I'd doubt this product has changed much over the years, so I feel like I'm chewing a little piece of history
  • Mammoth Cave Twist
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Oliver Twist Original. First time since I tried them 30 years ago as a naughty juvenile. Very compact and tasty- perfect for a discrete nic fix!
  • Packed a fat hog of Kodiak Wintergreen

    @SammyD13 Oliver Twist absolutely has their flavor game on lock, I just wish the would introduce some jumbo sized bits ;)
  • General extra strong loose
  • Days work
  • Ettan los
  • I haven't done oral tobacco in a long time, and I probably should stay like that, but sometimes I think of getting a can of dip... or making a splurge for a snus order, and it would be a splurge with the crazy shipping prices... But I like new things, and I now see this stuff called "Nordic Chew", which looks good to me... and it seems to be slightly modified and renamed snus so it can be sold in the EU. That's great and all, but that should not make it unavailable to the non-EU, which it seems to be. If I make a splurge buy, I think I want some of this "chew".
  • General Extra Strong Portion
  • Chimo
  • I've turned some superior dry scotch snuff into snus so I'm currently enjoying a nice prilla of that. The results were surprisingly good if I do say so myself. Good way for me to get through this big can I've had sitting for a couple years now.
  • Chimo El Toro.
  • Makla Bouhlel Bentchicou.
  • Copenhagen
  • I keep thinking about getting a can of dip when I go to the grocery, which I did today, but then I think about it and decide not to... Someday I might...  but I haven't done oral tobacco in such a while, I don't know if I want to again... but sometimes I think about it..
  • @tom502 at the grocery today I saw they had Redman Gold. Gold not just the regular green label. Tough stuff to leave behind - it was a moment of strength not to get a bag
  • tom502tom502 Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    Oh, I really liked chewing tobacco in the pouches(the bag)... I had that Red Man Gold before... and many others, I thought that sweet flavored tobacco in those strips of chewy goodness was great.. My favorite was Levi Garrett. i haven't had that in forever....
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I really loved Garrett and Red Man. Faithful companions in my drinking and fishing days.
  • tom502tom502 Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    I had some Creamy Snuff years ago... an Indian grocery sold it, but then they stopped, but I bought some, and it was weird... what I did was rub it on my gums... it actually had a good taste, but it's like toothpaste, I think I mailed some to some members...  it did give a nic hit... but not something I could see anyone using regularly. @Indiansnuffjnf how do you use this? I can no longer find Indian tobacco products anywhere, I live in the USA. I miss bidis too.
  • Two small coin slices of GH Happy Brown Bogie(rope)
  • I got a line on a can of copenhagen black (heard its discontinued?)if anyone is interested. Within canada. I am willing to trade for another dip or chew or nasalsnuff
  • Roda Lacket loose
  • General mint with my MB Madras & Poschl Perlesreuter.
  • 6P fire and ice. Fucking good.
  • Islay Whisky los
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