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Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich vs Civette vs Gekachelter Virginie

These are Bernard's 3 natural non-flavored snuffs, right?  The only one I've had is the Gekachelter Virginie.  How do the others differ and compare?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    Haven't tried AOK and Civette yet, but there's another one decent plain in Bernard's range - Feinster Kownoer. It's water based, dark and very moist when fresh, quite alike SG KB, with a hint of citrussy note. Fine to medium fine grind, but might seem coarser due to high amount of water (30%, if I recall it right). Sharper burn and stronger than GC.
  • I didn't know about that one.  Maybe I'll order all of them in my next order - it would be fun to taste test them all.  I wonder why they're all much more expensive than the regular schmalzlers, though.  
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    My guess would be that the price is higher due to more expensive tobaccos used in production. Might be some other reasons as well (more time and labour consuming process of manufacture).

    Descriptions from the official Bernard's site (unedited google translation):

    FK - "after a recipe from the year 1909; with various tobaccos a fully ripe tobacco flavor is achieved."
    AOK - "based on a recipe from 1923; from three highly aromatic tobaccos, without additional flavorings."
    CE - "in a square glass vial to a recipe from the year 1915; pure tobacco aroma, mildly balanced, extremely fine-grained."

    FK, AOK, CE and Pariser No.2 were sold in small square-shaped glass bottles formerly (containing 14 g of snuff each). Pariser No.2 was unscented, too (discontinued in 2012).

  • Bernard Glass bottles
  • Those bottles are so cute! *Pouts* I wish they still offered them. 
  • I bet they kept snuff fresh for longer, too.
  • Man, those fancy bottles would have been great for reuse. I hope they come back, I wouldn't mind paying a premium price for them. They look super lux
  • I don't have one of those bottles but I do have one from when Paul Gotard had the limited edition snuffs. And tiny bottles store snuff well. They're like a tap box that keeps snuff in good condition. 
  • I wonder if bottles like that are available online somewhere - I may have to investigate...
  • I think MS has a Bernard bottle.
  • @Epitango It's a handsome bottle for sure, but 100g is much larger than these I'd assume. I'd prefer a tiny bottle for-on-the-go.

    And since we've totally derailed this thread , I'll also add that while I cant compare them, I had Alt Offenbacher recently, and it's a solid plain snuff, a bit more moist and definitely more coarse than average, as one would probably expect of a Bavarian style snuff
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