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Snuff from China / - scams or legit?

volungevolunge Member
edited December 2018 in General
I stumbled upon this Chinese online marketplace while looking around for other Madras snuffs. Bingo: N.C. Arya, Perumal Umbrella and ST Shunmugan STS Madras snuffs are there. Not sure about Sri Vijayalakshmi Tiger Brand and Sri Sastha Brand 55555, but both do look like madras, too (and are produced in Chennai as well): (scroll down for pictures).

Some more "Indian snuff" search results there:

Frankly, I spend quite a bit of time browsing, searching and exploring.. I'd love to try some stuff available there, but I am hesitating about placing an order. I didn't hear anything about before. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.

P. S. There are some really obscure items of doubtful genuinity and/or freshness. For instance, this fishy bottle of long-discontinued Bernard's Pariser No.2 with that strange label, sold at ridiculous price: Or this unheard-of Bernard's Pariser No.9: ...


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