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Snuff in Southern Florida?

I'll be down in the Boca Raton, Florida area in Jan. I was wondering if anyone knows of any stores that sell American Scotch snuff down there. Looking for Navy Sweet, Superior, Bruton, or any other strong stuff. I'll likely be around Miami also, so any stores along the way would also be of interest.


  • Hi and welcome @pin130 from Surfside, (Miami Beach area) Fl! I've never found anything around my parts. Certainly not enough to be worth driving all over town. Ordering online is 1000 x's better! I've heard people say Winn Dixie's in the "South" sell it... Miami Dade county isn't really the south, LOL.

  • Actually I did find some quite fresh Navy Sweet in a Winn Dixie maybe 10 miles or so outside Boca Raton,
    but in another Winn Dixie in the area I found some ancient dust covered snuff on the shelf. So it is found in some South Fla. Winn Dixie's: you just have to be careful what you buy. I was wondering if there were any other sources down there. As for ordering online, the shipping cost from England is such that I don't do it too often. I'm still hoping they'll end the ban on selling it online in the USA.
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