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Increased usage

ChapmanChapman Member
edited January 2019 in Snufftaking
I never was a big snuff user, a ten gram tin would last weeks easily, but now that I have bought a little keychain snuff container, which makes dosing and using a million times easier, my usage has gone up ten fold easily. For the last week I would say I have been using about 5 grams a day, maybe a little less. I have also recently quit chewing, so I am using snuff to replace the other nicotine as well. However, I think the main reason my use has gone up so much is I am able to get it out and tap out a bump into a box car or on the back of my hand so much easier now than with those pesky WOS tins that always want to spill unless you drop it on the table a few times to pack the snuff down away from the brim. Has anybody else jumped their usage up with the help of accessories?


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  • The first photo is a coin snuff box I recently ordered that is on its way to me in the mail, the second photo is what I have been currently using and absolutely love, so simple and makes it so nice to pile up a boxcar or tap out on the back of the hand.
  • snuffbox actually. Bulk is just better.
  • @Chapman right there with you, I take a lot more snuff when I'm box car-ing! Someone told me recently too while pinching in public that it looks like I'm picking my nose :p
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    @ar47, my kids tell me the same, always asking if I am finding anything good up there lol, its like nooooo, I am putting something good up there
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