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The Great Georgian Snuff Debate

Thought you guys might find this interesting. I apologise if it's been posted before. 


  • For some reason i think i had read the complaint in the newpaper but not the rest of the article.

    Thanks for the share
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    edited January 17 PM
    Mouth and throat cancer and many other nasty side effects...and that coming from a doctor who is supposed to be a scientist? Interesting indeed- like a medical political correctness it would seem.
  • DxxDxx Member
    edited January 17 PM
    It is shocking, though hardly unusual, that someone in the medical profession should be so sadly misinformed.  Interesting article, nonetheless.
  • bobbob Member
    doctors are always misinformed. That's not an insult at doctors it's just a reality of how much information they're supposed to keep in those heads of theirs. And as long cigarettes are the primary way people use tobacco more lives are going to be saved by them thinking tobacco is bad. The human body and keeping it healthy is a super complicated subject with more ins and outs then a human can keep straight. Though this particular misinformation is sad.

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