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how make a homemade "WoS Grand Cairo"?

how make a homemade "WoS Grand Cairo"?


  • WoS recipes are closely guarded trade secrets, you wont find a recipe for it anywhere. Its like asking how to make your own Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited January 2019 PM
    Maybe by mixing some of their other snuffs? I was able to fairly reproduce F an T Princes by mixing Macouba and Santo Domingo. If WoS uses the same scents in their snuffs in different combinations, it may be possible to reconstruct Grand Cairo- perhaps by using one of their SPs, a spice, and a floral.
  • I would try mixing WoS Grove, Rose of Sharrow and Gold Label (2:1:3).
  • the easiest way would probably be to marry into the Wilson's family.
  • Why not just buy some?
  • I think @volunge knows exactly what he's talking about here - there's an uncommon aroma shared between WoS grove and WoS GC. Of course, if you can get all those other WoS why can't you get more Grand Cairo?
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