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Missing snuff and Italy

RoderickRoderick Member
edited February 2019 in General
We are getting more and more orders going missing in Italy. No other country, and I mean in the world not just the EU, has so many lost orders.  Can anyone shed any light on this? 

In the interest of political correctness I have removed a sentence from my post that my fellow snuffers felt might be taken the wrong way. Thanks for keeping me right. 


  • You could have asked the question no less effectively without the second to last sentence :p
  • Codyg140Codyg140 Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    Too busy being fine members of society and saving orphans to deliver the mail is my guess

    I have also edited my comments in order to reduce hurt feeling reports
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited February 2019 PM
    Could it just be that their customs are more stringent?
  • Thanks Sammy, In every other country if customs stop an order they send it back to us.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I ship on a regular basis to over 40 countries, and packages have not just disappeared in my experience. If there is contact information for the recipient and regulatory issues are involved, I have found that with DHL and FedEx, some sort of attempt is made to contact the recipient. If a customs broker has not been assigned, those shipping companies can act as one and they initiate the contact with the recipient to clear things up. If a shipment is sent by post and there is no customs broker assigned, then you are left with the scant hope that the postal service will initiate contact. For lower-value shipments that are not insured, those hopes are dashed. I am ignorant about shipping and customs within the EU and with tobacco laws in Italy, but I would start there. You might also consider playing around with the description on the customs declaration form. Partial truths can be effective when exporting to difficult countries.
  • Partial truths can be effective when exporting to difficult countries.

    Well said indeed
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Every pearl has a grain of sand. Useful concept for deaing with a government agency. Maybe not so much for a country of people.
  • @Roderick
    I am Italian
    In italy you cannot send tobacco so it is always riskful
    Customs often block packages like tihis and if you ship with mail it is a disaster
    Mail service in italy are incredibly obscene because are very slow and they are careless and sometimes the packages will never arrive
    And if they pass through customs the package can stay months blocked
    Since you are in UK I suggest you to use only express courier in Italy
  • Schmalzlerfranzl, If you use couriers is that not worse. Do they not report you for receiving tobacco?
  • edited February 2019 PM
    Is the only way
    You dont have to write tobacco on the package and in most of cases you are ok
    There is no custom between uk and italy for now
    If they get the package the problems are for your customer
  • I miss Italy, too.  But I have plenty of snuff. :D
  • I have noticed quite a few Ebay sellers refuse to accept bids from Italy and Greece. They mention the cause as being mail going astray or taking an age to eventually turn up.
    I have only been on the receiving end of mail from Italy and Greece.  In all cases I was amazed at the parcels arriving within two to three days from each country. I once had a parcel delivered two days after ordering from the Baltic Region.  
    This is fantastic when compared to the internal mail in the UK.  Seven days from ordering to delivery recently, and that was only going from London to Liverpool.
    I cannot fault the Italian mail for out going mail, but quit a few people have problems sending to Italy.
    I am probably only confirming what you know already, but you are not alone.

  • @ArtChoo
    You have been lucky dear friend
    I can assure you italian post is obscene
    Consider that for outgoing mail is simplier because they only have to pass overseas and then is in charge the receiving post service in your case Royal mail
    If I can I only want express courier for my orders in Italy
  • Makes sense if a country wants a trade surplus I suppose! Like the US - our Cisco firewalls always arrive in China but their Huawei devices always somehow get lost in the mail! B-)
  • I have a small ebay business and can tell you the only place post goes missing is to Italy.

    I don't post there any more. Missing post is a kown problem. Man in my post office says it's the Italian 'criminal element'. They steal the post wholesale. Sending parcels registered doesn't help. They take whole wagon loads!

    I took one parcel to the post office for Italy when I still posted there, he laughed and said "never to be seen again" And it wasn't.
  • @Hoffwell
    They told you bullshit
    As I said italian post are obscene but there is no CRIMINAL ELEMENT it is ridicoulous and racist
    They are very slow and postmen work very very bad
    I had a lot of parcels send from uk and other countries and always arrived even if very slowly
  • I ve waited 3 months the last time I ordered and paid the postal charges twice as the first time the item was redirected to its sender but I did receive my snuff at last. I was thinking still cheaper than a flight Paris-> Edimbrough ;-)
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