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The smell of sixphoto snuffs.

Not too long ago i bought a sampler box of sixphoto varieties that were packed in small plastic vials resembling a film container. I knew when it arrived before I even opened my mailbox because there was a miasma of Indian smells slowly filling the lobby! Some of these are so pungent they have no difficulty passing through the plastic walls, and many of the containers were cracked or otherwise chipped. It seemed sort of like the flavors from every sample had thoroughly intermingled which sort of gave everything a kind of weird smell .

After putting them in glass jars and letting them rest a bit this intrusive melange seem to have mostly fades but is still somewhat noticeable in all the


  • I had the same experience. Smelled like body odor. Will only ever order MG madras or Cheetah again.
  • Then you're missing out. I never really appreciated the Kailash until I placed it in a larger container to breathe. They are complex snuffs which hit you differently at different times.

    Super Kailash, forget about it. Or at least you did until you go outside and breathe in the air.

    Begum Green can appear to sweet at first blush, but then it ripens into a mellow, just niceness.

    The Medicated No. 6 at first the cardamom is overwhelming and then it releases it hold and all the subtleties reveal themselves. With say a WoS Royal George it about the same at the end at as the beginning, many of these snuffs actually take you on a journey. If you don't like it know, try it again and it will show you another side.

    As you can tell, I think rather highly of these artisans.
  • I agree in that the sampler, while an amazing deal, suffers from scent contamination.

    I made the mistake of putting them all in a glassware with a Toque USA W&H economy bag. The economy bag was unopened, double bagged direct from Toque. When I opened it months later it smelt like a hippy store
  • Alsharp87Alsharp87 Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    It reminds me of an Indian take on a cheap cleaning solution. Imagine something like Fabuloso Lavender but made with Indian style spices. These do certainly take me on a journey but it
  • They taste like ground-up Indian incense to me, with added nicotine effect.  I get no tobacco flavor.  I love Indian scents in general, but I don't often reach for the snuffs.  
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